• Annual 8th Grade Trip to Washington DC

    Monday, June 4 - Tuesday, June 5, 2018


    D.C. Field Trip FAQs 


    What time are the students leaving and returning from DDMS?

    All students are expected to be at DDMS on Monday, June 4, no later than 5:45 AM. We have a very tight schedule in D.C. and must be on the road immediately. Our return time to DDMS on Tuesday, June 5 is more uncertain due to traffic. The goal is to return between 9:00-10:00 PM. We will have students text/call parents when we are close.

    What meals are covered by the field trip cost?

    Students are expected to bring their own lunch on Monday, June 4. All other meals (Monday dinner, Tuesday breakfast, Tuesday lunch, and Tuesday dinner) are covered by the field trip cost. Students may bring additional snacks.

    What are the group sizes for the field trip?

    We want to ensure that all students are well monitored and protected. Because of this, each student will be assigned a group with a total of four to six students. Each group will have a WCPSS-approved chaperone or a DDMS staff member. For a majority of the field trip, the entire bus travels together and there will be many adult eyes on all students.

    What is the itinerary for the field trip?

    There are three separate itineraries, but all students will travel to all the same locations. All students will experience the following: White House (outside); African American History and Smithsonian Museums; Lincoln, Vietnam, Korea, WWII, MLK, Lincoln, FDR, and Pentagon Memorials; and Arlington National Cemetery.   

    What details can be shared about the hotel expectations?

    When we arrive to the hotel on Monday night, all students will be given room keys and will be provided with 30-45 minutes to settle in to their assigned rooms. While we cannot guarantee that boys and girls are not on the same floor, we can assure you that they will be on separate sections of the floor. DDMS staff members will complete room checks and then “tape” students into their rooms (tape that is broken from the door before wake up will inform us that students left their rooms).There will be a full time security guard on duty who will patrol the halls. We will not be releasing the name of the hotel prior to arrival.

    What behavior expectations will be shared with my child(ren)?

    DDMS staff will meet with all students attending the field trip on Friday, May 25. At this time, we will remind students of the Behavior Contract that they signed earlier in the year.

    What do(es) my child(ren) need to pack for the field trip?

    Please see the Student Packing List attached here. Students will be provided a copy of this at the Friday, May 25 meeting. Students will also receive their T-shirts at this time.

    Any unanswered questions?

    Please e-mail Mr. Gore at jgore@wcpss.net.


    Washington, D.C. Contest Winners! 


    T-shirt Design 

    The winning design will be placed on our t-shirts next June!

    • Your logo should be black ink only
    • Pls submit sketch on white computer paper 
    • No bigger than 10"x10" 
    • No text on your logo  
    • Please submit your sketch to Mr. Gore by January 24


    Wreath Laying Ceremony Essay Contest

    Four Students Wanted To Help Lay Wreath At Arlington Cemetery 

    Our school has been selected to take part in a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. This means that 4 of our 8th graders will get to represent DDMS!

    In order to be considered for this special opportunity, you will need to write an essay explaining why you think you should represent Dillard Drive Middle School. You are encouraged to make it personal, but please do not mention anything that would give away your identity. The content of your essay is up to you, but it should explain why you should be selected out of all of your peers to take part in this ceremony.

    Requirements for Essays:

    • Essays must be turned into Mr. Gore by January 24
    • Essays must be typed, double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font

    A panel of teachers will read all of the essays and the top 4 will be selected.


    Please be aware that there are very few spots remaining for our trip. If there is a new student or a student who still wants to attend the field trip, Mr. Gore needs to hear from you right away.



    Your student should have received a field trip packet from his/her home room teacher.

    In this packet is an information letter that shares important payment and form collection deadlines, a parent consent form, a student behavior contract, and a chaperone interest form. Please look through these documents carefully.

    Students and parents interested in attending the trip, should make a down payment of $50 online or via cash/check to Mr. Gore by Nov. 17.


    Online School Payment


    • Pay a down payment $50
    • Full payment of $250


    Paying by Cash or Check


    • Pls. bring down payment ($50)
    • or full payment ($250) to Mr. Gore in the morning during the week of November 13. 


    All down payments should be made and all forms should be turned in by Friday, November 17.


    Financial Assistance

    Any family needing financial assistance should get in touch with Mr. Gore as soon as possible. 



    Parents interested in chaperoning need to make sure to re-register as a WCPSS-approved volunteer and turn in the chaperone interest form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Mr. Gore when your chaperone paperwork has been turned in by your student. 


    More Info


    • There will be a D.C. informational meeting on Thursday, October 26 at 6:00 pm in the auditorium. 
    • If you have any field trip related questions at this time, please e-mail Mr. Gore


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