Mission Statement:

    In order to facilitate an atmosphere of 21st century learning at Holly Ridge Middle School, our school has developed a BYOD program where students are empowered to be responsible digital citizens through a 4 C’s environment (collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking).  Teachers are taking on the role of becoming instructional designers with the intention to produce authentic, constructive lessons which are beneficial to develop college and career ready students.

    Why BYOD?

    Holly Ridge Middle School believes that the "Bring Your Own Device" initiative presents an opportunity for students to use devices that can facilitate productive, meaningful, 21st century learning. 

    BYOD at HRMS:

    Our school has been granted the opportunity to take part in the BYOD initiative mandated by Wake County.  We have completed a successful pilot program and are all set to become a technology-integrated school.  Holly Ridge Faculty is making it a priority to ensure that technological devices are not being integrated into the classroom for the sake technolgy itself, but rather, with the sole purpose of providing meaningful lessons in which the devices are used as instructional tools. 

    What is a Personal Electronic Device?
    Holly Ridge Middle School defines a “Device” as any privately owned wireless and/or portable electronic equipment that can be used for wireless Internet access, word processing, image/video capturing, sound recording, and information transmitting. Examples may include, but not limited to: smartphones, iPad, Nook, Kindle, laptop, or netbook computer.

    Students unable to bring their own devices to school will be provided access to technology available at HRMS. Bringing and/or using a personal electronic device is voluntary and will never be required by the teacher.

    Security and Damages
    Responsibility to keep the device secure rests with the individual owner.  Holly Ridge Middle School Principals, teachers and/or staff are not liable for any device that is stolen or damaged. We recommend using protective cases and decals for easy identification and protection of personal devices.