Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) @ Apex High School

  • Apex High School is now a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school! We have joined a well-planned and executed WCPSS initiative that most of our students have been involved in since middle school. This natural progression is allowing us to build on an already strong foundation of student empowerment, positive digital citizenship, and the pursuit of lifelong independent learning. To implement this initiative, a group of teachers and a leadership team attended several training sessions and are now helping train other teachers on effective classroom management and engagement strategies. 

    Students are now able to bring their own devices to school where they use a special wireless network designated for BYOD. Devices will be used at participating teachers’ discretion to access digital resources provided by WCPSS and web sites deemed appropriate for classroom instruction.

    Parents and guardians will need to complete the BYOD agreement with their child to participate in the initiative. Students will be responsible for their device not Apex High School or WCPSS. While students are encouraged to bring a device to school, they are not required to bring one.