• Bring Your Own Device           

    The BYOD initiative at Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School Center for the Digital Sciences involves parents, students, teachers, and administrators working collaboratively to enhance the learning environment through the use of technology. BYOD embraces the idea that when students are viewed as key contributors to their learning process, they become more engaged and tend to take ownership of the material. Utilizing the tablets, smartphones, and laptops that many students already have, BYOD is bringing learning to the 21st century and giving students a preview of how their future workplaces will operate. BYOD reduces competition for scarce PC computer labs and empowers students to be self-directed learners. BYOD also allows students to tap into their individual learning preferences. With BYOD, teachers can take full advantage of common features that are found in most mobile devices. This includes data organization tools, web-based applications for classroom polling and quick tests, audio for podcasting and radio broadcasts, or video for creating multimedia products. Other uses of mobile devices include QR codes, digital storytelling, language learning, and probe attachments for measuring data.