School Policies

  • Arrival:
    Parents who bring students to school are asked to arrive on campus between 8:50 and 9:15 so that students have enough time to get to their homerooms and prepared for class before the tardy bell.  Students arriving after 9:15 are considered tardy and a parent or guardian must check them in at the office.  Please note that we require a parent or guardian to accompany the student(s) into the office to sign in. 

    The end of the school day is at 3:45 p.m. when children are dismissed to go to carpool, van, or bus areas. With the exception of those early release dates listed below, students must be picked up promptly at dismissal unless they are in the after-school program.

    Volunteer Reminder:
    Wake County requires volunteers to register on a Wake County Public School System computer. Some volunteer activities require background checks, some do not. After you have registered, you will get your “Volunteer” tag to wear each time you volunteer at Apex Elementary. Registration is required every school year. It does not carry over from one year to the next. You will need to update your volunteer registration by October 31, 2019, or your name will be removed from the eligible volunteer list. Our School Library computers are available for registrations and updates.

    Kindergarten Parents:
    Staggered Entry (first five days of school)
    To ease the entrance to Kindergarten, each child will attend school one full day during the first four days of school. A letter will be sent home to notify you which day your child should attend. The student should bring lunch (if bringing from home), snack, large bookbag and a towel for rest.

    Absences/Late Arrivals:
    Please write a note to your child's classroom teacher indicating the reason for your child's absence upon his/her return. When a student arrives late, you are asked to sign him/her in at the front office.

    Student Illness:
    School personnel will notify parents and arrange for children to go home when they have the following symptoms:

    • Fever of 100 or higher. Students must then remain at home until fever-free for 24 hours.
    • Nausea, vomiting
    • Severe headache
    • Diarrhea
    • Red, watery eyes with yellow drainage
    • Undiagnosed rash

    PLEASE NOTE: Students who are ill or "near-to-ill" should not be sent to school with instructions "call if you feel worse later today."

    PLEASE REMEMBER: We only have a school nurse on our campus 2 days per week. The health room provides only emergency medical help. Students who become ill or are injured during the day will be taken/sent to the health room.

    School officials may administer medication to students if the "Parent Request and Physician Order for Medication" form (1702) is completed and in the possession of school officials (Form 1702 is available at the school office) or if the parents send a note requesting that staff administer antibiotics or other medications to be taken during the last days of an acute illness. In this case, the pharmacist's or physician's label, which must be on the bottle, serves as the physician's order.

    No medication will be given by a school official unless it is in a container dispensed by a pharmacy with the student's name, name of medication, the date the prescription was filled, and directions clearly marked.

    At the elementary level, no self-medication, including over-the-counter medicine, is permitted.

    Parents are responsible for transporting all medicines to school unless special arrangements are made with the Principal or it is an emergency medicine that the child has permission to keep with him.

    More WCPSS school and policy information can be found here.