If you have been accepted to 2018 Sanderson Summer School program, acceptance emails and important information have been sent to the email address that applicants provided on their applications.  



    Summer School begins on July 12 and ends on August 10 in the Media Center.

    Students will be assigned to a morning session (8:00 - 11:30) or an afternoon session (12:00 - 3:30). Students will not be able to select which session they attend.

    Summer School is for repeat credit ONLY. The student must have previously failed the class.

    Only core academic classes are offered during Summer School; World Languages, Physical Education, CTE, and electives are not offered during Summer School.

    All Summer School classes are taken on Gradpoint.

    Summer School students can miss no more than two days (with or without a note/documentation). If they miss more than two days, they will be withdrawn and fail the course. During Summer School, two tardies will equal one absence.

    Students are admitted in the following priority order: Seniors needing to graduate (2018), Juniors needing to be promoted and graduate (2019), Sophomores needing a class to be promoted, and Freshmen needing a class to be promoted.

    Summer School students taking English II, Biology, or Math I must take the EOC for the respective course. EOC testing will take place on August 9-10.

    If the student passes the class in Summer School, he/she will receive a "P" for pass on his/her transcript; if he/she fails the class, he/she will receive an "F" for fail on his/her transcript.

    Summer School students who attain graduate status because of passing Summer School courses can attend a Graduation Ceremony on August 15 at Enloe High School.

    Notifications of acceptance or denial of a summer school spot will be through email only. Parents and students must supply an active email account that is checked on a regular basis.

    Summer School is free of charge.

    There is no transportation provided for Summer School.

    There is no breakfast or lunch provided during Summer School.

    Completing the application does not guarantee a student a spot in Summer School.

    Questions about Summer School should be directed to Mrs. Turner, Assistant Principal, (Lturner5@wcpss) or Mrs. Carpino, Dean of Student Services (Lcarpino@wcpss.net).