Frequently Asked Questions for the Class of 2020


    Q:  Will seniors have the opportunity to become graduates this spring or will college / next steps be delayed?

    A:  Our commitment to the senior class is to provide each senior with a viable path to becoming a graduate this spring so that your options for after graduation that you have worked hard for are still accessible.

    Q:  Will there be graduation ceremonies?

    A:  At this point, it is impossible to know whether having a large gathering like a graduation ceremony will be feasible this year.  Please know that this is a priority for us as a district, and we are still moving forward with all typical preparations for graduation in case it is possible to have an event.  We will communicate back with you as soon as we know more.

    Q:  Will there be prom and other senior activities?

    A:  At this point, it is impossible to know whether these events can proceed as scheduled.  At this point, no decision has been made. Similar to graduation, we will keep you posted on details as they are available.

    Q:  If schools are closed, how do I get a transcript?    

    A:  We are processing all transcript requests through the Central Records office during the school closure. You can request transcripts online at or through CFNC for in-state colleges and universities.  

    We have the ability to send electronic transcripts to all colleges and universities across the US.  However, If you should need a paper copy of your transcript for a scholarship application, the following three options will be available:

    1. You can request an unofficial transcript to be mailed to your home address.
    2. You can request an official transcript to be mailed to the scholarship committee or coordinator.
    3. You can request an official transcript to be mailed to your home address to add to your complete scholarship packet – the envelope will be signed and sealed and we will put it in a second envelope for mailing. (This is a temporary option available only while students are not able to pick up official transcripts at their high school or at Central Records).

    *The preferred method of delivery should be specified under the “Special Instructions” section of the online transcript order page.

    Q:  Will we still have senior exam exemptions?

    A:  At all high schools, seniors will be able to engage in exam exemptions for teacher-made exams for any course where the student has a C or higher as the anticipated final grade.  Absences will not be factored into the exemption this year.

    Q:  How will we know if we are Honor graduates? 

    A: We will work to provide schools with options that allow for maximum flexibility in determining senior honors (ex - cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude).  This will include giving schools the ability to determine senior honors based on grades at the end of the fall semester. Ultimately, the school will communicate to seniors if they are honor graduates.

    Q:  Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams are coming quickly.  What’s the plan for those exams?  

    A:  We acknowledge that AP and IB exams are coming quickly.  We are in communication with the College Board and the International Baccalaureate Organization and will keep you informed of any adjustments to the AP/IB Exam timeline and/or exam preparations.  Per the IB Organization, we have been granted an extension for Internal Assessments (IA) submission. Individual school DP coordinators and principals will notify DP students once we have determined specific next steps for any IA that have not yet been completed and collected by your teachers. 

    Q:  I am still waiting to hear back on my acceptance to certain colleges / universities.  How will this closure impact that process?  

    A:  Our district counseling team is working with the UNC system to understand their process moving forward with applications that are still pending.  Understandably, their focus is presently on the safety and well-being of their current students. While we and you wait for next steps, please understand that your experience is happening throughout parts of the nation and beyond.  We will share more on this with seniors as we learn it.

    Q:  I need for my counselor / administrator to complete a form that is due to my college, university, recruiter, etc.  How do I get that completed?

    A:  Colleges and Universities are currently adjusting deadlines for materials required to be submitted by applicants and school staff.  Seniors should work with their individual recruiters to adjust deadlines based on current school closures. We will continue to provide updates as new information is available.

    Q:  Will grades for the spring semester courses be traditional grades (A, B, C …) or Pass / Fail?

    A:  That has not been determined yet.  We will update you and all high school students as soon as we determine structures for moving forward with spring courses.  We are presently looking at what the implications are for the various options.