• 2017-18 HSHS Parking Guidelines

    1)      All students who park a motor vehicle on the school campus must display the current hanging ­tag permit. Permits will not be issued to students with outstanding fines or fees to Holly Springs High School or any other school. Permits are issued at designated times established and announced by school administration. Until students possess their assigned tag to display, they are not permitted to park on campus.  

    2)      The parking fee established by the Wake County Board of Education for the 2017-­2018 school year is ​$170​. Permits issued for less than the entire school year will be subject to a ​$17 ​per month rate for each remaining whole or partial month. These fees are subject to change after the WCPSS budget is finalized for the school year. Likewise, parking regulations are subject to change.  

    3)        Parking permits will be available only to students who have a valid North Carolina Driver License.

    4)        Students may register up to two of their family vehicles. The tag may be moved from one registered family vehicle to another but may NOT be sold, given, or loaned to another student for his or her use. The penalty for doing so is revocation of parking privileges.  

    5)      Vehicles must be parked in assigned spaces. The only places available for student parking are the student lots. Students may not park on the road, driveway, or in any other place, including other school campuses. Vehicles parked in the wrong space or in unauthorized areas will be subject to disciplinary action to include temporary or permanent loss of parking privileges.  

    6)      The safe operation of motor vehicles is required.  Vehicles must not travel in excess of 10 miles per hour.  Seat belts are required for driver and all passengers.  Speeding and reckless driving are prohibited.

    7)      Supervision is provided for parking lots; however, the school system is not responsible for damages to or theft from vehicles. Students are cautioned NOT to leave valuables in their vehicles. Parked vehicles should be left with windows closed and doors locked.  

    8)      Student vehicles are subject to search and seizure per Wake County School Board Policy 6600.  

    9)      Disabled vehicles may not be left on campus overnight. If necessary, towing should be arranged by the student.

    10)  If a student holding an assigned parking space transfers within the WCPSS during the year, he or she will be assigned a space at the new school with no further payment of fees, assuming the original parking tag has been returned to the office of the previous school. If no space is available at the new school, the originating school will make the refund.  

    11)  Refunds for parking fees will be made only if the student moves away from the Wake County Public SchoolSystem. Parking fees will NOT be refunded for:

    a.       Voluntary withdrawal from school (dropping out).  

    b.      Long-­term suspension from school.  

    c.       School based disciplinary action related to loss of parking privilege.  

    d.      Loss of driving privilege due to revocation of operator’s license.*

    e.       All other refund requests are at the discretion of the principal.

    12)  Lost parking tags will be replaced for a $10 fee. Report losses to the office.  

    13)  School Board Policy 6410 prohibits the possession and/or use of tobacco products on campus. ​Students may not​ ​possess tobacco products, smoke in cars at any time while on the school campus, or possess any other item prohibited at school.  Weapon and drug charges can result in revocation of parking privileges.

    14)  Loitering in the parking lot is prohibited. Students should lock their cars and leave the parking lot immediately upon arriving at school. Students should take all materials/items needed for the school day and not use vehicles as lockers. Students need written permission from an administrator, the SRO, or the front office staff to be in student lots during school hours, including class changes. At lunch, only students using their official off­ campus passes are permitted in the parking areas.  After school, students should exit the parking lot as quickly as can be safely done.

    15)  Only ​Junior and Senior​ student drivers with a valid off campus lunch pass are permitted to leave for off ­campus lunch. Any student who provides transportation for a student who is not permissioned to be off campus may lose his/her parking privileges.  

    16)  Students who operate a motor vehicle on campus should fully understand their duties and responsibilities. Under School Board Policy 7180 students who violate parking regulations are subject to any or all of the following consequences:  

    a.     Revocation of parking privilege  

    b.    Ticketing  

    c.     Towing and storage of the vehicle at the owner’s expense  

    d.    Disciplinary action  

    e.     Criminal charges as prescribed by law  

    17)  Handicapped parking is available as needed on an assigned basis only.  

    18)  Parking a vehicle on school property is a privilege, not a right. Please review all parking regulations with your parents and communicate with school administrators for clarification of any matter about which there are questions.