• Choosing a Career 

    How can you distinquish between a job and a career?

    Normally a job is something that you do to earn money for a short period of time or for a specific goal.  Summer job, holiday job, etc.  There are limited skills and education required for these types of jobs.  A high school diploma isn't normally a prerequisite.  Jobs normally offer minimal pay and offer limited chance for advancement without additional education and training.  What makes a job turn into a career is having the education and experience.  In certain career fields specific eduation such as a Associates, Bachelors, Masters degree or Doctorate is required.  Technical careers in fields such as HVAC, Advance Manufacturing and Biotechnology require specific certifications.  It is important when planning for a career, you must determine what skills and education are required.  

    Student Services and Career Services have resources to help you with this process of identifying careers. The Career Development Center, located in the Student Services area, has a number of guides, catalogs, applications, and software related to both careers and college.  Below are some online resources that you can explore as well.  Please see Ms. Brickhouse, Career Development Coordinator for questions you may have about your present job, preparing for college or planning for your future career.  

    Sources of Career Information:

    Career One Stop


    College Board


    College Foundation Inc.


    Futures for Kids


    Exploring Career Information 


    Military Careers