Business Alliance


    SRMHS Business Alliance

    Middle and high school-based business alliances are partnerships between business leaders and educators to help every student make responsible, productive career choices by assisting with activities at school and in the workplace. Business Alliances get involved with career fairs, practice job interviews, discussions about business ethics, field trips, site tours, internships, guest speaking and resumé reviews to mention a few.

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    Work-Based Learning

    Whether through internships, formal apprenticeships, cooperative education, or short-term work experiences, you can provide our students with meaningful real-world preparation for their future careers. Work-based learning happens away from the student's school and may be paid or unpaid depending on the activity.

    WCPSS provides liability coverage for all students who participate in officially recognized, pre-approved work-based learning activities. Our Career Development Coordinators at our middle and high schools oversee work-based learning, and will be happy to talk to you about the opportunities and requirements.

    Wake Education Partnership

    The Wake Education Partnership is an independent non-profit organization formed in 1983 to promote the economic health of Wake County through excellence in public education. The Partnership engages business leaders, elected officials and educators toward the common goal of increasing student performance measured against world-class academic standards. For more information, visit the Wake Education Partnership's website.