• Welcome to Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School Student Services 

    The SRMHS Counseling & Student Services Department Mission is to empower students with the knowledge and skillset to become powerful, informed, and productive citizens who lead and fostering positive change domestically and throughout the global community. 

    Our primary focus is to support student's social, emotional, and academic success on an individual basis through strategic planning and monitoring of progress. We recognize that a student's overall well-being is fundamental to academic achievement of Social, Emotional, Learning (SEL) therefore a student and counselor collaboration is imperative in order to foster this on-going academic, social, and emotional endeavor. Counselors are here to support the WHOLE student while guiding and connecting them with in-school and outside of school resources/opportunities.

     "We Are Student Focused Student-Driven"


    CEEB/SAT/ACT/School Code:  343239 
    Student Services Department: Contact Extention & Email
    Counselor for last names A-D: Mrs. C. Shaw, x 24988, email: cshaw@wcpss.net
    Counselor for last names E-K: Ms. J. Hall x 24984,  email: jhall5@wcpss.net
    Counselor for last names L-P: Ms. D. High, x 24988,  email: dhigh3@wcpss.net
    Counselor for last names Q-Z: Mr. J. Kuhn, x 24996 email: dhigh3@wcpss.net
    SAP Counselor (Special Student Support): Vacant, (contact Ms. Poole, Dean of Counseling & Student Services)
    Data Manager/Address & telephone number updates: Mrs. J. Pendergraft, x 24963, jpendergraft@wcpss.net
    Registrar/ Coordinator of Records, Transcripts & Withdrawals: Mrs. M. Peterson, x 24966, mlandorpeterson@wcpss.net
    Guidance Technician/ Student Enrollment: Ms. K. Manning  x24982, kcmanning@wcpss.net
    Dean of Student Services Department: Ms. S. D. Poole, Ed.S., x 24985, spoole2@wcpss.net
     Parent Resources: How We Can Support Your Student During Covid and In-Person)


    Social Studies Department

    The Parent-Teacher Conference  (npr.org)  Get tips for preparing for parent-teacher conferences and helping teachers understand your student.

    Mysteries of the Teenage Brain  (npr.org)  Read about tips that can help you understand your student.

    Transition to High School  (patch.com)  Survival tips for helping your freshman.

    Online Learning

    teachingtolerance.org:   Is online learning the best for your student?  Read about one student's account and experience with online education.

    Preparing for College

    The College Application (princetonreview.com)  

    Letters of Recommendation  (princetonreview.com)

    Requesting Services for Learning Differences in College  (princetonreview.com)

    When Applying for Financial Aid, Cross Your Fingers and Hope  (npr.org)