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    SRMHS Counseling & Student Services Department Mission is to empower students with the knowledge and skillset to become powerful, informed, and productive citizens who lead and fostering positive change domestically and throughout the global community. 
    Our primary focus is to support student's social, emotional, and academic success on an individual basis through strategic planning and monitoring of progress. We recognize that a student's overall well-being is fundamental to academic achievement of Social, Emotional, Learning (SEL) therefore a student and counselor collaboration is imperative in order to foster this on-going academic, social, and emotional endeavor. Counselors are here to support the WHOLE student while guiding and connecting them with in-school and outside-of-school resources/opportunities.

     "We Are Student Focused - Student-Driven"


    CEEB/SAT/ACT/School Code:  343239 
    Student Services Department: Contact Extention & Email
    Counselor for last names A-D: Mrs. C. Shaw, x 24988, email:
    Counselor for last names E-K: Ms. J. Hall x 24984,  email:
    Counselor for last names L-P: Ms. D. High, x 24988,  email:
    Counselor for last names Q-Z: Mr. J. Kuhn, x 24996, email:
    SAP Counselor  (Student Assistance Program),x 25020,
    Data Manager/Address & telephone number updates: Mrs. J. Pendergraft, x 24963,
    Registrar/ Coordinator of Records, Transcripts & Withdrawals: Mrs. M. Peterson, x 24966,
    Guidance Technician/ Student Enrollment: Ms. K. Manning  x24982,
    Dean of Counseling & Student Services Department: Ms. S. D. Poole, x 24985,
     College and Career Promises

    CCP students are only allowed to take courses that are within their approved pathway(s). If you are unsure of your pathway or the courses in it, please log in to Self-Service for assistance. Visit the "Helpful Links" page for information on how to access and navigate Self-Service.

    Registration Dates & Deadlines

    • April 15: CCP Self-Registration Opens (Summer and Fall)
    • April 24: CCP Application Deadline - New Students (Summer Only)
    • May 7: CCP Self-Registration & EV Form Deadline (Summer Only)
    • June 11: CCP Application Deadline - New Students (Fall Only)
    • July 23: CCP Self-Registration & EV Form Deadline (Fall Only)

    Parent Resources: How We Can Support Your Student During Covid and In-Person

    Parent's Guide to Easing Student/Children Anxiety During the School Closure


    Trauma is an overwhelming experience for children and parents. Parents want to help their traumatized children but don’t always know what they can do. Providing parents with five ways to help their traumatized children will offer them reassurance for what they are already doing and ideas for how they can do more.

    1. Understand
    Remind parents that trauma is like no other experience. Traumatized children may not have control over their emotions and behavior because the terror they experienced has left them feeling out of control.

    2. Be Patient
    Trauma destroys a child’s sense of safety and security. Children will need time to feel safe again. Be patient with regression.

    3. Be Nurturing
    This is an “all the cookies and milk you can eat” time. Encourage parents to spend more time with their children interacting in meaningful ways. Play games, read books or go for a walk together.

    4. Keep It Simple
    A traumatized child will find it difficult to concentrate and remember even the simplest of things. Remind parents to keep things simple by saying only one or two things at a time. Visual charts of the daily schedule or tasks to be completed are helpful.

    5. Normalize
    Parents should reinforce their understanding that the reactions their child is experiencing are normal following this experience.


    • Be as predictable as can be in your routines at home while your child is present. Consistency helps create a sense of safety.
    • Do not show your fears and worries to your child, as this will frighten them. Talk about your fears to your spouse, friends, or trauma specialist. Bring laughter into your home. If your child sees you laugh, they will feel so much more at ease.
    • Read books to your child about others who have survived. Brave Bart is a great place to start. For teens, leave the book lying around where they can see it. If they need to, they will read it.
    • Unconditional love and acceptance is the best medicine. This is not always easy to give your child when you are angry, upset, or terrified of yourself. Sometimes traumatized children simply need to release the stress created by their fears and they do this by fighting or verbally attacking. As a parent, your initial response to fighting needs to be to ensure that your child is not hurt nor hurts others. Words, of course, do not cause bodily harm, even though they can be difficult to hear at times.
    • If this outburst is trauma-driven, often after this release your child will be calm and in control. This is not about a physical or verbal release, but a release of the intense stress of trauma, of trauma residue.

    This is when your child needs you the most. Your child needs you to stay in control. Do not lose control, scream, or overreact. This may not be easy, but it is so important. Please send a message to your student's counselor or to Dean Poole, if you have a school-related question. See the email addresses above. 

    Wake County Approved Science Tutors (click below) 
    Help students find free money for college
    Find free money for college
    Scholarships can be a huge help to college-bound students and their families, but many don’t know where to find them, or how to apply. During this free webinar students and families will learn key tips on applying for scholarships, how to create a winning scholarship essay, and more.
    Let your students and families know that they can register for a free webinar to learn more. Please send them the information below:
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    In addition, The Sallie Mae Fund, in partnership with The Thurgood Marshall College Fund, will provide a total of $3 million in scholarships over the next three years to help minority students and other historically underserved communities access higher education and complete their postsecondary education programs. Stay tuned to learn more about the program and how students can apply in early 2021.
    Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn for more helpful tips.
    Borrow responsibly
    We encourage students and families to start with savings, grants, scholarships, and federal student loans to pay for college. Students and families should evaluate all anticipated monthly loan payments, and how much the student expects to earn in the future, before considering a private student loan.
    Free College Application Week TBA
    For assistance, contact your School Counselor for an appointment 
    Help with Financial Aid and FAFSA

    College Foundation of NC (CFNC)

    CFNC Apply to College:

    How to Pay for College:

    • Navigating College Financial Aid in the Covid Era is an event hosted by the Sigma Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Students and parents will be provided with information to navigate the college financial process. This event is held on October 24th; click the link to register. 
    Help with RDS
    • If you are applying to an in-state school, you and your parent/guardian need to complete the survey from the Residency Determination Service. Click this link to access more information regarding RDS.
    Recommendation Letters
    • If you need a recommendation letter, be sure to let us know in at least a week in advance. Provide a resume or senior brag sheet for a staff member to write a detailed recommendation letter.
    SRMHS 2021 - Graduation Announcement and Cap & Gown Delivery
    Seniors your cap & gowns, class rings and etc... information is now available! check out the link for more information:
    FYI, in order to place your graduation order(s), you will need to have a minimum down payment of $80.00. Please plan in advance, all orders will be made online. 
    Herff Jones: Parent Video                                                                          
    Herff Jones: Student Video                                         
    For more information:, or contact Patrick Smith at 252-478-3146. 
    "New Student Registration" 
    Parents! Please begin your registration process online:  
    Counseling and Student Services Office Hours:  7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

    Transcript Requests

    All transcript requests are to go through the WCPSS main website.  Transcript requests are not taken at the school.  Please click the Transcripts link on the left menu for full instructions: 

    For in-state colleges and universities:

        1. Go to
       2. Log into your CFNC account
       3. Go to Transcript Manager
       4. Select the schools that you want to receive a transcript and submit

    For out-of-state colleges and universities, scholarships, private organizations, NCAA, Coaches:

      2. On the left side menus, click the link for current students.
      3. Complete the online form.
       4. The first three (3) requests are free. After your third request, there is a $10.00 charge.  
    Seniors should be sure they request a final transcript to be sent to the school of their choice and NCAA, if applicable.  North Carolina colleges will automatically receive final transcripts if they were requested at any time throughout the school year through CFNC.



     produce_image    SRMHS Family Connections


    SRMHS Family Connections for SRMHS Students and Families in Need

    Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School now has a food pantry for any SRMHS or southeastern Raleigh family in need. The pantry is called "SRMHS Family Connections," and has meat, fruit, vegetables, and non-perishable food items. Food is provided by the Interfaith Food Shuttle of Wake County. There is no charge for items and the service is confidential. SRMHS Family Connections is available for SRMHS students, their immediate families and families in the southeastern region of Raleigh. Family Connections Hours are drop in on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:00-10am or an appointment can be made for a different time by calling Mrs. Green, SAP (919-856-2800 x 24996).

    SRMHS Family Connections Informational Flyer

    SRMHS Family Connections para estudiantes de SRMHS y familias necesitadas

    La Escuela Secundaria Southeast Raleigh Magnet ahora ofrece una tienda para cualquier familia de SRMHS en necesidad. La tienda se llama "Connecciones de Familia SRMHS." En esta tienda, se le ofrece suministros escolares, carne, frutas, verduras y alimentos no perecederos. La comida es donada por el Transporte Interconfesional del condado de Wake. No hay cargos por articulos y el servicio es confidencial. Connecciones de Familia SRMHS esta disponible para los estudiantes de SRMHS y su familia inmediata. Las Horas de distribucion se son los martes y viernes de 8:00 am a 10:00 o se puede hacer una cita, para otro tiempo, llamando a Marcelle Pettis (919-856-2800 x 24996). 

    Connecciones de Familia SRMHS Folleto de Información



    Nomination Scholarships

    Deadline Approaching

     Parks Scholarship Nomination and Self Nomination (deadline to submit to school is October)

    For information on the steps to applying click here:

    Frequently asked questions for the Parks Scholarship click below:


    Enrichment Opportunities  

    The Levine Scholars Program takes the brightest, most capable students and gives them the tools, resources, and environment they need to excel.