• Visualization

    Visualizing is the process or result of forming mental images while reading or listening to a story. Images are fluid; readers adapt them to incorporate new information as they read. These images come from all five senses—and from the emotions they evoke—and are anchored in the reader's prior knowledge. When readers draw on their knowledge and experiences to see pictures in their minds, they are engaging in visualization. By vividly visualizing the events depicted by the author's words, creative readers allow themselves to become part of the story; they see the colors, hear the sounds, feel the textures, taste the flavors, and smell the odors the writer describes. They will find that they are living the story as they read. By doing this, they will enjoy the story more and understand it more deeply (Roe & Smith, 2005). (Ohio Resource Center, http://ohiorc.org/adlit/strategy/)

  • visualization