• socrative


    Socrative provides teachers with quick, easy formative assessments. Students can complete brief quizzes or compete against each other in various games. This free platform will even grade these assessments for the students, providing them with real-time feedback and providing you with the data. Check out the video below for an overview.


    • Teacher login: Travel to Socrative's website and click "Get a Free Account."
    • Student login: Students don't need a specific account to access your Socrative assignments. Instead, you receive a room code that you provide to them. This way you don't have to worry about them forgetting their login details or those pesky terms and conditions.

    User Guide

    Check out the how-to videos from the playlist below to learn about implementing Socrative in your classroom.

    Socrative is also available on tablets and smartphones. Here's the teacher app for iOS and Android (for creating and managing quizzes) and here's the student app for iOS and Android (for completing assignments).