• Jump Rope Club, Coach Abruzzino and Coach Shamblin

    Did somebody say JUMP ROPE?? Are you ready to have some fun? Can you jump rope? Can you do any tricks? Then this is the club for YOU! We meet in the Gym from 8:45-9:15. Attendance will be taken and goals will be set for each grade level. Click on the name for the instructions for each of these jumps - Little Skipper and Kangeroo Kid.

    Art Club, Ms. Baron

    In Art Club, the activity we work on is mural painting. Last year, the fifth grade Art Club painted a healthy food parade leading to the cafeteria. Each 5th grade class will have 2 people selected to be in the club. Every Wednesday morning starting in September, we work on the mural. This year's theme is the life cycle of the butterfly. The mural will be located in between the second and third grade hallway.

    Jr. Librarians, Ms. Nelms

    In the Jr. Librarian club, 4th and 5th grade students work in the library one morning a week before school. Their duties include checking in and sorting students books, shelving books, assisting students with book location and check out, straightening shelves, wiping down tables and assisting the librarian with various other duties. Junior Librarians help make Adams Libary a pleasant place to visit. :)

    WAVI News, Ms. Chambliss

    WAVI News, Adams Elementary morning new show is produced by fifth graders and the jobs involved are Morning New Anchors and Morning News Crew. Morning News Anchors share information about the school day, give special announcements, introduce guests and lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance. Morning News Crew members help set up, operate the camera, choose and play the music and help direct each day's episode. Every fifth grader has the opportunity to participate if he or she in interested and keeping up with their school work.

    Jr. Techs, Ms. Chambliss

    Jr. Technicians help in the Technology Lab everyday between 8:45-9:10 and 3:40-3:45. Some of their duties are turning on and off the computers, straightening up the lab, sharpening pencils, refilling paper in the printers, restocking batteries and recycling used paper. Every Wednesday morning, with badges and clipboards, the Jr. Techs visit the classrooms to fix any minor computer problems, record any problems they can't fix and straighten up the computer stations in the classrooms.

    Music Club , Ms. Stroup

    Fifth grade music club will begin Thursday, September 4th. In music club, we will be using classroom instruments to play various ensemble pieces. We had a lot of fun with this last year and believe it will be even better this year! We will meet every Thursday at 8:15 and dismiss at 9:00. Letters will be sent home the week of August 26 inviting students to join and outlining behavior and attendance expectations. If you'd like to join music club, please complete the contact information form here, so I will be able to keep you up to date on any schedule changes or performance dates coming up.

    Feelin' Good Mileage Club, Coach Shamblin and Coach Abruzzino

    The Feeling' Good Mileage Club is a school wide fitness incentive program for K-5 students based on walking or running. At recess, students walk or run on the track. For each lap they complete, a card is stamped so students can keep track of their mileage. Tokens are given students when they reach milestones of 15, 25, 50, 75, 100+ miles. In addition, student names and mileage are displayed on a bulletin board outside the gym. The tokens and the recognition students receive help to motivate them to continue practicing healthy habits. Our students really get excited when they reach higher mileage levels.

    Ambassador Club, Ms. Young

    The Ambassador Club will be facilitated by Ms. Young, school counselor. Selected third through fifth grade students will meet during their grade level lunch as new students arrive. Students will also participate during open houses, meet the teacher and other activities on campus.