• Welcome to the Apex Friendship Yearbook Page!

    The Yearbook program will be a rare, hands-on educational experience that should appeal to students with a wide variety of interests.  The class will immerse students in, among other things, photography, graphic design, journalism, business management, marketing, journalism and communication.  More generally, Yearbook will provide a unique opportunity for students to cultivate a diverse set of soft skills – effective time management, creative problem solving, cohesive group collaborating, to name a few. 

    What’s more, being a part of a school’s first-ever yearbook staff is an incredibly rare opportunity; that inaugural staff will be the founder of an enduring tradition.  Additionally, interested freshmen will be able to take the class all four years, providing a unique chance to build formidable leadership skills. 

    Space in the class is limited, so any interested student should click here and fill out the online application.