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  • PE: Sept 25-29

    Posted by Tina Black at 9/24/2017

    This week in PE we will be playing soccer!

    Starting off the week with skills: dribbling, passing, shooting

    Followed by drills, then on to game scrimmages

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  • Health: Sept 18-22

    Posted by Tina Black at 9/17/2017

    This week in Health we will wrap up our MEH unit and begin our ICR unit which is Interpersonnel Communication and Relationships.

    • How to talk to others
    • Forms of communication
    • You vs. I statements
    • How we talk to ourselves
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  • Fitness: Sept 11-15

    Posted by Tina Black at 9/10/2017

    This week in Fitness students will be participating in various heart rate activities. We have lots of new fitness equipment that we will be using!

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  • PE: Sept 4-8

    Posted by Tina Black at 9/3/2017

    This week in PE we will be participating and learning skills, drills, and pick up games in the sport of Lacrosse.  We will watch a few videos to give students an understanding of how the sport is to be played and strategies. 

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