• During the school year, I will be posting helpful handouts and links to websites that will help you prepare for your end of year exam. I will be posting them as we finish each unit to help you review throughout the year.  Take advantage of these helpful tools!

    Released Science EOG from 2013- **Will post after we review in class**  

    Released Science EOG from 2012- Released version from 2012. We did this in class and it should help you to review your "trouble areas."

    Released Science EOG from 2009- Even though this is from a few years ago, it is still a helpful study tool. The curriculum has changed slightly, but a lot of the material that we will be covering this year is still in these questions. I would adivse breaking down the questions as we go through each unit and bringing any questions you may have to class! Going through these questions several times will not hurt!

    EOG Review Basketball Game 

    Periodic Table- Make this your BFF. This is the exact copy you will use in June!

    Sample Questions  and Online Review Questions

    http://jeopardylabs.com/play/8th-grade-science-eog-review- This link is for an EOG Jeopardy Review Game

     http://quizlet.com/2057034/8th-grade-science-eog-words-flash-cards/- These are flash cards that contain 8th grade vocabulary that we will be covering during this school year. Students can also use this site to make their own set of flash cards that they can ues for any class!

    www.brainpop.com - This site contains mini videos for each topic we will be covering, along with graphic organizers, vocabulary & quizzes to check understanding. Parents can sign up for a free 30 day trial. If students would like to use this during school, then they are more than welcome to come back at lunch and I will sign in for them using my username and password.