• YMES Favorite Apps
    This is an ever growing list of the best iPad apps I've tested for use in the classroom.  
    These would also be great to download at home.
     Many are available on multiple devices.  All are free.
  • Whiteboard
     show me
     Show Me
    Record drawings and sounds.  
    Incorporate photos.
    Create a free account
    to save multiples. 
    Similar to Show Me.
    Added "duplicate page" feature.
  • Portfolio Apps
     seesaw small
    Students document learning with videos,
    photos, voice recordings, and drawings.  
    Turn sharing and commenting on/off.  
    Share with parents, too. 
  • Drawing
    doodle buddy  
    Doodle Buddy
    Draw, stamp, type,
    incorporate photos,
    and shake to erase. 
     Buncee for Edu
     Create entire scenes with photos,
    backgrounds, stamps,
    and even voice record.
  • Photos
     pic collage
    Pic Collage 
    Make a collage of photos
    with backgrounds,
    text, and stamps.
  • Reading Apps
    Free with a teacher account.
    Books to read and listen to.
    Customize each student in a class. 
  • Recording Apps
    Simple voice recording tool.
    Save to iPad or email. 
  • Movie Making 
    Free for iOS 8 or higher 
    Create movie trailers,
    record and edit videos.
     stop motion
     Stop Motion
    Turn a series of photos into
    an animated movie. 
    Make a talking avatar.  
    Record your voice
    and choose your background. 
    Add a mouth to any
    photo and record. 
    Movies appear when you hover
    over an image. 
    Puppet Pals 2
    Choose setting and characters.
    Voice record to tell a story. 
    Record and share your ideas
    with the class. 
  • Writing
     story creator
    Story Creator 
    Type simple stories.  Records
    voice and highlights text as read.  
    Draw or add photos.
     comic maker
    Comic Maker
    Create comics with photos or drawings.  
    Word Cloud
    Create beautiful word clouds. 
  • Math
    Virtual Manipulatives
    Fractions, decimals, and percents. 
    Add photos and annotations.