• Week 6/15-6/19

    Posted by Charlotte Townley on 6/15/2015
    This week is EOG's. Please encourage your student to try their hardest and get a good night sleep.
    Good luck students! 
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  • Week 6/8-6/12

    Posted by Charlotte Townley on 6/9/2015
    This week we will finish up Unit 13 on 3D Shapes and then move onto EOG prep. Student's extra credit notes are due before EOG's next week and will help them so please encourage them to complete the notes.
    6/8- Cube homework
    6/9- Pick 7 on the notes packet to do for homework
    6/10- TBD
    6/11- EOG Review
    6/12- EOG Review
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  • Week 6/1-6/5

    Posted by Charlotte Townley on 6/2/2015
    This week interims will be going home Tuesday. We are finishing up Unit 10 with inscribed figures and circumscribed figures. We will take a quiz on Thursday on area and perimeter formulas, finding area and perimeter, inscribed and circumscribed figures. Starting Friday we will move on to our last Unit Three- Dimensional Geometry. 
    Homework/ Class Activity:
    Monday: None
    Tuesday: Calculating Area and Perimeter Worksheet
    Wednesday: Study for quiz
    Thursday: Bring in a Three Dimensional Shape
    Friday: NONE :) 
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  • Week 5/26-5/30

    Posted by Charlotte Townley on 5/27/2015
    This week we are finishing up angles. Then we will be moving onto area, perimeter, and circumference. We do have school on Saturday and students are expected to make up any work they miss that day.
    Interims will go out at the end of the week.
    Homework/ Activities:
    5/26- Finish test corrections
    5/27- Area review worksheet
    5/28- TBA
    5/29- TBA
    5/30-  TBA
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  • Week 5/11-5/15

    Posted by Charlotte Townley on 5/11/2015

    This week we will be finishing unit 6 and will have a test Thursday, May 14th. They will be given a study guide tomorrow and it will be homework to finish.This week we will be moving on to Unit 9 Geometric Properties. 

    Homework and Class Activites: 
    5/11- Discount and Mark ups worksheet
    5/12- Study Guide 
    5/13-Study for test
    5/14- TEST UNIT 6
    5/15- TBA
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  • Previous Weeks

    Posted by Spencer Ziegler on 4/10/2015

    Parents this is our homework/ plan for the week. It is subject to change due to what we cover in class. Thanks!!



    This week we will be working on unit rates and proportions. There will be a quiz on Friday on Unit Rates. Interim was given on last Friday so students will have until this Friday (3/20) to do any missing assignments as final grades are due soon. They will have a weekly assignment due Friday just like usual.

    3/16- none (students should be working on missing assignments and weekly assignment)
    3/17- Unit Rates
    3/18- TBA
    3/19- TBA
    3/20- none :)


    This week will be finishing inequalities. Students will have a quiz on Friday on this topic. They will also be given an interim this week. They will have a week from the given day to complete any missing work. They have weekly assignment this week that requires them to create their own inequalities.

    3/9- writing inequalities
    3/10- one step inequalities
    3/11- one step inequalities
    3/12- finish weekly assignment and review notes for quiz
    3/13-none :)


    This week we will be completing the mid year I-ready Diagnostic and Study Island Pretest. We will then be moving on to inequalities. Due to the amount of snow days in the past couple of weeks we are behind in class. Students will be having more homework as we need to cover information in a shorter amount of time. The Week 3 homework that was due (2/27), I have extended until this Friday. They have Week 4 to do as well which is due this Friday!
    3/2-Week 4 review sheet is due Friday and 2-step & Multi-step equations worksheet due wed.
    3/3-2-step & multi-step equations worksheet due tomorrow!!
    3/5- Inequality worksheet
    3/6- Week 3 & 4 worksheets are due!


    This week we will be finishing up equations with word problems and then moving on to inequalities. Due to Benchmarking and Engineering,  this week's schedule will be different. They still have their weekly review sheet due Friday!
    2/9- Writing equations Worksheet
    2/10- Creating equations from word problems
    2/11- HOMEWORK TBA
    2/12-NO CLASS due to benchmark.
    2/13- No homework


    This week we will be reviewing one-step equations and two step equations and moving on to multi-step equations. The students will have a quiz Friday on one and two step equations! I have also started a weekly review worksheet that they will complete and return by Friday!
    2/2- Weekly Review sheet
    2/3- Finish two-step equation Worksheet
    2/4- Multi-step Equation Worksheet
    2/5-Study for quiz/ weekly review sheet due tomorrow


    This week we will be finishing up one step equations and will be starting two step equations. The students will have a quiz on Wednesday on One-step equations.
    One step equations worksheet
    12/2- One step equations study guide & study for quiz
    12/4- Two step equations worksheet


    This week we are finishing up Basic Operations with Fractions and moving into my favorite topic EQUATIONS!!! YAY! Students will have a quiz on Wednesday on Fractions.
    11/17-Dividing Fractions WS
    11/18-Finish Study Guide & Study for Quiz
    11/20- Solving One-Step Equations WS


    This week we are finishing up working on Basic Operations with Decimals and moving to basic operations with Fractions. 7-4 is having a Math Benchmark on Thursday.
    Monday: None
    Tuesday: Multiplication with Decimals Worksheet
    Wednesday: None. Get a good nights sleep for Thursday's benchmark.
    Thursday: Adding/Subtracting Fractions
    Friday: None

    This week we are finishing up our Math Mosaic Project and will have a quiz on Wednesday. We will be ending the week with a math puzzle!

    Monday: Finish warm-up
    Tuesday: Finish Study Guide to prepare for quiz on Wednesday
    Wednesday: Quiz on Fraction/Decimal Conversion and Comparing Fractions to Decimals
    No homework!
    Thursday: No Class- Math Benchmark
    Friday: No homework

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