• Rome Week 3 and Track Out!

    Posted by Lewis Nelson on 12/16/2019

    We finish the quarter with a ROMAN TEST on THURSDAY Rome Study Guide

    All make up or corrected work must be turned in this week.

    Quizlet Review for Ancient Rome Test

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  • Rome Week 2: The Republic and the Empire

    Posted by Lewis Nelson on 12/9/2019

    What do civilizations and countries learn from the past?

    How are the values of ancient Greece and Rome reflected in the US today?


    12/09-10 Monday-Tuesday 

     Cold Case Rome: The Death of Julius Caesar

    Exibit H: View Faux News - the death of Caesar  






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  • Saturday December 7th

    Posted by Lewis Nelson on 12/7/2019

    Escape Room:  Your team will complete the 4 questions for each level.  After you have finsished them, determine the number for each answer and enter that as you escape code.  If you are correct you will proceed to the next level.  After the 5th level you will escape and return to DRMS.

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  • Ancient Rome Week 1 of 3

    Posted by Lewis Nelson on 12/2/2019

    11/26 Tuesday

    We examined the impact of geography on Ancient Rome with this reading and questions:

     AR-1 Geography of Ancient Rome

    In Spanish (Espanol AR-1 Roman Geography)


    Homework for 12/02-06: finish AR-2 and Open Note Quiz on Friday

    so read over your notes for 10 minutes each night 


    12/02 Monday: GRAPES = Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, and Society

    Use the Presentation for AR-2 GRAPES for ANCIENT ROME 

    replacement handout Student handout for AR-2 GRAPES for Ancient Rome Finish for HW

    In Spanish they are (Espanol AR-2 AR-2 Espanol GRAPES and AR-2 Presentation )


    12/03 Tuesday

    How does geography influence the way we live?

    Explain how the people of Rome became independent and militarily successful.

    AR-3 The Founding of Rome Read and answer the questions

    Espanol AR-3+4 Rome

    HW: Complete AR-2, open note quiz on Friday


    12/05 Augustus: Read AR-5 Augustus: The Leader and answer the questions to determine how great of a leader he was.

    HW: Finish AR-2 / Open Note Quiz on Friday 



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  • Ancient Greece Week 3-4 Project

    Posted by Lewis Nelson on 11/13/2019

    Students are creating a persuasive campaign project about living in Sparta or Athens.  We will use the computers in the Learning Commons Friday 11/15 and Monday 11/18.  This major grade project is due on Tuesday 11/19 and will be added to the students' digital portfolios.


    Each student and his/her partner are creating an 11 slide GoogleDrive presentation that they need to share with me using my Wake ID Lnelson7@wcpss.net.  This is worth a major test grade and about 40% of their overall Progress Report average.  I hope that examining it will be one of the highlights you have this Thursday for Student-Led Conferences on 11/21.


    Sparta or Athens: Example slides and Rubric


     Sparta vs. Athens Project Review


     AG-9 Sparta or Athens Project and Rubric (Major Grade)


     Living in Ancient Greece video for AG-10 Students should take notes on the geography, government, religion, Olympics, and acheivements.


    AG-11 Spartan Womens' Letter to Athens

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  • Ancient Greece Week Two

    Posted by Lewis Nelson on 11/6/2019

    Vocabulary Quiz on Friday

    AG-3 Vocabulary Terms Defined, copy and add the drawings



    Webquest for Athens, Sparta, and Greece in general.


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  • 6th Clubs: US Wars and Veterans

    Posted by Lewis Nelson on 11/1/2019

    Examine the photos or posters and discuss the questions with them at your table.

    US Wars and Veterans Openers


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  • Ancient Greece Weeks 1-2 Athens and Sparta

    Posted by Lewis Nelson on 10/28/2019

    Vocabulary Quiz on Friday 11/08

    Guiding Questions: 

    1. How did physical geography influence the lives of the early Greeks?
    2. How did early Greeks spread their culture?

    AG-1 Ancient Greece Geography   and  AG-1 en Espanol


    AG-2 Map of Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean 


    AG-3 Vocabulary Terms TIP Chart  


    Ancient Greece Readings and Questions for Lessons #1-4 (Has the Vocabulary for AG-3 as the Terms to know in each lesson; Lesson 1 was AG-4 and Lesson 2 is AG-5)


    AG-6 Types of Greek Government: King, Oligarchy, Tyrant, Greek and US democracies

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  • 2nd Quarter Finishing Unit 3 on Ancient Egypt

    Posted by Lewis Nelson on 10/22/2019

    Welcome Back from Track Out and the start to 2nd Quarter.

    We will review for a test this Friday.

    You will turn in your Review packet for a minor grade after you use it on your test.

    HW: Complete the Review Packet and study for Friday's Test


    #26 Vocabulary Review and Skills Questions


    Review Packet for Ancient Egypt


    GRAPES for the Review Packet

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  • Ancient Egypt

    Posted by Lewis Nelson on 9/23/2019

    This 1st quarter ends on this Friday 9/27.  All test corrections or missing work needs to be turned in by then.  Unit 2 Test Corrections should be signed by a parent and be turned in with the notebook.  If all of the student work is complete, they will earn back 50% of the points they missed for each question.  If their notebook is incomplete, students will earn 25%.  It is well worth the effort for future tests as well as the corrections to get the notebook organized and finish any missing assignments. 


    Today, Thursday and Friday, students are working on a Major/Test grade DBQ on Ancient Egypt in class.  This will include answering the questions on the DBQ for the five documents (A-E) and writing a paragraph that answers the question "How did the Nile shape Ancient Egypt."


    DBQ How did the Nile shape Ancient Egypt

    DBQ Images for documents A-E 

    Paragraph format for answering How the Nile shaped Ancient Egypt


    Create an advertisement for your mummification or pyramid building company.  Begin with the British Museum's Ancient Egypt webpages to research the needed information that demonstrates your expertise in the matter. You should be able to describe the materials you begin with, the care you take, and the many step process you will use to create a tomb or mummy that will gloriously celebrate your customer's afterlife.  


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