This tool allows students to create and share custom maps. It features a plethora of features, including text boxes, images, absolute location, and much more.
    You do not need a specific account to work on MapMaker, but you do need to plug in your email address in order to save and share your work. If you forget your username or email address, use the Email Search page. If you forget your email password, request it to be reset at the bottom of the Email Reset page (then login with your ID# as your temporary password). Once you plug this in, you'll then have a custom URL. Anytime you go to this link, you'll be able to access and edit your work. 
    User Guide
    The key to MapMaker is that you need to save that custom URL so you can retrieve your work. So be sure to record this address when you're working. When you have completed your map, you have a variety of ways to share it with others: You can email it to your teacher, and even generate a QR code right from the map. To learn more about the actual cartography (map-making) features, check out the playlist below: