Health Procedures

  • Materials needed for Health:

    1. Writing utencil (pencil/pen)
    2. Lined paper (loose sheets or notebook)

    * All other materials needed for assignments/class projects will be provided. Students will also receive a folder to keep all of their work in, either completed or needed to be completed. At the end of each class, folders will be collected and kept in the classroom. This will allow students to keep all of their work in one place for safekeeping. Students will be allowed to take their folders home or certain notes/worksheets to study for quizzes/tests or to complete an assignment not finished in class.

    Class Procedures

           Before Class

    – All students are expected to line up in the hallway, standing against the wall if the door is closed. If the door is open, which it normally is, students are to enter the room and sit in their assigned seats.

    – While attendance is being taken, students are expected to read quietly for the first 5 minutes of class or complete the warm-up if one is assigned. A designated student in each row will pass out folders. This is also the perfect time for students to take out their writing utensils and paper.

           After Class

    – At the end of class, all students will put all work in their folders and pass them to their right towards the end of the row. Students seated at the end of the row will place all folders in the designated area.

    – Students will then straighten their desks, push in their chairs, and stand behind their desks.

    – Once a row is straight and chairs are pushed in, they will be dismissed.