Forms & Worksheets

  • 2020-21 PE & Fitness Procedures Form - Please print and return.

    Current Event Rubric – Please download this rubric for current events if you have misplaced the copy that was distributed during class. This rubric must be attached to your current event when turning them in on the assigned due date.

    Fitness Journal Reflection Worksheet – Beginning every Monday we are in health, students will have to keep a weekly journal detailing fitness activities they engage in after school. This assignment will be due every Monday following a health week.

    Hellison’s Responsibility Checklist – Students will complete this self assessment periodically throughout the school year on select Monday’s while in health. Students will be assessing themselves based on their rotations in health and fitness. Students will read the following 20 statements and rate themselves between 1 and 5, with 1 meaning never and 5 meaning always.

    Home Base – Student/ Parent Access Network is designed to give WCPSS students and parents access to their records, including schedules, attendance, and grades.

    Photograph/Video Privacy Release Form – Print and return with parent/guardian signature indicating if you allow/do not allow your child to be photographed or videotaped during class projects, activities and other events taking place during healthful living.

    Student Medical Profile - Please print and return. Student Medical Profiles are important to have on file with the Healthful Living Department in case of emergency.

    Student Medical Profile (Spanish)