• VoiceThread


    VoiceThread is a cloud-based tool that allows you to create engaging presentations. What separates it from programs like PowerPoint, is that multiple users can add comments (be it audio, visual, or text) to a project.


    To create your account, travel to the WCPSS VoiceThread page, and login with a username of wcp plus your ID# (ex. wcp12345) and a password of your ID# (ex. 12345).

    User Guide

    When you're ready to make your own VoiceThread, click "Create" in the top left, then upload the visuals by clicking in the middle of the page:
    Next, add comments to each slide. Hit "Comment," add in the title and description for your project, then add in an audio recording, webcam clip, or text box: 
    Not only can you record narration, but you can also annotate (draw/mark up) the slides. Check out information on this aspect of the resource in this tutorial. Once you've finished your presentation, you're ready to share it with others. This can be done by sending out a link, or adding it to any groups that your teacher may have had you join. When you share your project, others are not only able to view it, but also add their own comments, thus making it a collaborative tool. 
    You can create VoiceThreads via their website, or through their free app.