• edublogs



    • Travel to EduBlog's website.
    • Click signup in the top right corner
    • Following the login procedures for other Wake County tools, use wcp + your lunch number for your username.
      • Ex. wcp1234567
    • For your password and blog domain, write just your ID#
      • Ex. 1234567
    • Add in your email address for notifications
    • Use your last name + blog for the blog title
    • Select "student" from the drop down menu.
    • Then create your blog

    User Guide

    Creating and editing your blog:
    Adding posts & pages:
    Adding YouTube videos:
    Note: The same process applies for any object with an embed code. Simply grab that link, then paste it into your page under the Text tab. Managing the menu:
    For further assistance, consult this user guide playlist created by EduBlogs: