• Frequently Asked Questions

    Student assignment staff have compiled these frequently asked questions based on feedback in the ThoughtExhange online forum.

Draft 1

  • What policy guides the student assignment plan process?

  • If my student is proposed to be assigned to a different school, can they stay at their current school through the exit grade?

  • When do you apply to remain at your school (stability transfer)?

  • Once I submit a stability transfer, will I need to re-submit the request each year thereafter?

  • If I have a rising second and fourth grade student that are impacted by the assignment plan, will they be allowed to stay at their current school? Also, if I have a rising kindergarten student - can they join their older siblings?

  • There are no new schools opening this year. Why is reassignment needed?

  • How will we be notified?

  • What if my child is in the AOIT program at Apex High and now is proposed to be assigned to Green Hope High?

  • Why was Holly Springs not affected by this proposal?

  • My student currently walks to Apex High from one of the neighborhoods recommended to be assigned to Green Hope High. Why are you recommending assigning them to a school farther away?

  • We are moving from a traditional school to a year-round school. How will the tracks be assigned?

  • Why is there not a plan for a middle school in the Willow Springs area?

  • What are application dates for the 2023-24 school year?

Draft 2

  • What are calendar application schools?

  • Why wasn’t Green Level High considered as an option for relieving crowding at Apex Friendship High in this plan (overflow, base)?

  • Will the areas proposed to change from Apex High and Apex Friendship High change again once Felton Grove High opens?

  • My address is recommended to change from Apex High to Cary High. I have a rising senior at Apex High School and a rising 9th grader, can they both go to Apex High?

  • Do the changes in the proposal affect my student’s magnet or transfer status?

  • Why won't there be district transportation provided for stability transfers?

  • There seems to be a general assumption that because our kids go to a year round elementary, we should want/be fine with a year round middle. Why do you assume we want the same calendar K-8?