• 5th Grade Supply List

    Each student needs:

    • One Black Plastic Pocket-Folders for homework
    • Purple, Plastic Pocket-Folder for homeroom materials
    • One set of 5 Basic Tab Dividers
    • Two Packs of #2 Pencils to Donate to Class
    • One Pack of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper to Donate to the Class 
    • One Pencil Pouch, labeled with Student Name
    • Boys – Clorox Wipes (large container)
    • Girls – Two Boxes of Tissues 

    For Math:

    • One red, 3-subject Spiral Notebook
    • One Red, Plastic Pocket Folder
    • One 1.5 inch Binder, white with clear view front
    For Reading:
    • One Yellow, Plastic Pocket-Folder 
    • Two Yellow 1-subject Spiral Notebooks
    For Science:
    • One Green, 5 Subject Spiral Notebook 
    • One Green, Plastic Pocket-Folder
    For Social Studies:
    • One Blue Plastic Pocket Folder