• Bell Schedule

    8:00 AM— First Bell rings which means admittance to building. Students can
    go to classroom or to the cafeteria for breakfast.
    8:30 AM—Tardy Bell rings which means it is the start of our instructional day.
    Any student who enters the building after the tardy bell requires a parent sign
    -in and tardy slip prior to admittance to class.
    3:00 PM—End of Instructional Day when all students are dismissed.

    Absence Notes

    As of 5/24/2021, we are still operating under the health and safety guidelines for illness. This means if a student does not attend school or goes home with any symptom of illness, the child cannot return to school without a doctor’s note of an alternative diagnosis or a negative PCR COVID test. Other absences not documented within two days will be classified as unexcused, as mandated by WCPSS Board Policy 4400 absence notes should include the following:
    • Student’s name (first and last)
    • Date of Absence
    • Reason for absence
    • Parent signature
    • Phone number of parent
    An automated phone call from Sycamore Creek will call parents at the conclusion of the school day to inform the parent of the absence.

    Checking In

    Parents need to check in students at the front door. Please ring the doorbell and the receptionist will check-in the student.

    Checking Out

    Parents can check out a student up until 2:30pm. No check outs will be permitted after 2:30pm. According to WCPSS policy 4400, students need to be in school for at least half of the school day in order to be counted as present. Therefore, the half day for Sycamore Creek Elementary is 11:45 AM.