• The mission of the Physical Education Program at Longview Alternative School is to provide students with opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, motivation, and behaviors that promote highest student achievement and a lifelong commitment to wellness centered on a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

    The courses provide a blueprint for delivering the content in a manner that equips students to make a successful transition from the healthful living/physical educational instructional program to participation in physical activity during adulthood.  The adult lifestyle demands that individuals initiate and monitor their own participation in physical activity.  In the course of study, students develop proficient movement skills in each area of physical education; they expand their knowledge in health related topics that enhances their capabilities for independent learning; and they examine practices that allow for sound decision making to enhance successful participation in lifelong activities. 

    The Healthful Living course includes a health education program designed to satisfy graduation requirements as well as a conditioning program to develop physical fitness. Course topics include subject areas such as wellness, Reproductive Health & Safety, Nutrition, CPR and stress management. During the extent of the fitness portion of the course, students will increase their cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone.

    Health Class Guidelines:

    Always be prepared for class - always have textbook, pencil, and paper every day.
    Always do daily assignments, and have a notebook specifically for Health class. 
    Develop a good relationship with the teacher and establish good study habits. 

    Physical Fitness Guidelines:

    Make sure that you are dressed appropiately.

    Wear athletic shoes with good shock absorption.

    Be positive! Be motivated! Be physically fit!