Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Middleton

ABOUT ME/MY FAMILY (hobbies, kids, pets, goals,etc)

I am the proud mom of three adult children. Love to learn, love to read, love to cook and bake and enjoy eating delicious things.

I enjoy life and Christmas is my favorite holiday! Snowmen, santa clause, gingerbread house and people, crosses, calendars, and meeting people and hanging out are my favorite things :)


Birthday: Nov 25



Place to Eat Out: KBJ, Chick fil A, redneck bbq, 

Place to Shop: Target, Walmart, BJ’s, Amazon


Snack: sour cream and cheddar chips, doritos, reese peanut butter cups and cookies, fruits, strawberry licorice, cheese and pb crackers 

Drink: water, lemonade, sprite

Color: pastels- orange, green, red, yellow, 

Sports Team: None particular, I just like sports period.