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    Secuencia de cursos de la academia

    The Academy of Technology & Advanced Manufacturing (ATAM) engages students in a rigorous, project-based curriculum. Students will be equipped with the personal, analytical,Student technical, teamwork, communication, and employability skills necessary to be successful in college and today’s workforce.   Students remain together as a cohort throughout their high school years with a core group of specially trained teachers.  The Academy model provides an environment for these teachers to develop interdisciplinary activities that makes learning relevant and captures the interest of students.  The Technology and Advanced Manufacturing themes are fully integrated with core academic content to help students achieve the extended benefit of their academy courses.  Teachers receive high-quality professional development opportunities to ensure their ability to engage all learners.  Students have the opportunity to learn the same industry-leading technology skills and applications used in top businesses and organizations.  The program is designed to expose students to the many different disciplines of engineering, technology and advanced manufacturing.

    Technical Core Courses


    Advanced Manufacturing Sequence

    Each course is a pre-requisite for the next

    Technology/Design Sequence

    Each course is a pre-requisite for the next


    Drafting 1

    Drafting 1


    Advanced Manufacturing 1

    Technology, Engineering and Design


    Advanced Manufacturing 2

    Technological Design


    Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics

    Engineering Design


    Electives – See suggested electives sheet.

    Electives – See suggested electives sheet



     Full Course Sequencing


    ATAM Course Sequence

    In addition to their coursework, academy students participate in a series of work-based learning opportunities such as business tours, job shadowing, career events, and an internship, just to name a few.  To see a sample list, check out our work-based learning continuum.