Lady Little Blues is a female empowerment and leadership group specifically for 8th-grade students. This group is based on its four core values: empowerment, leadership, community service, and mentorship. Being a Lady Little Blue means a student will participate in bi-weekly group sessions to discuss various topics centered around shared female experiences, assist with school-wide tours, events, and programs, participate in community service projects, and serve as a mentor to a 6th or 7th-grade student during Spring semester. This group is designed for every type of girl!

    If you are a leader or want to continue growing your leadership skills, apply today!  

     How do I join?
     Online application      Application deadline is September 23, 2021
    How often do we meet?
    On Wednesdays during 8th-grade lunch.
    Are there any competitions?
      Further information to come.  
    Interested? Contact 8th Grade School Counselor, Quinandria Lee (qlee@wcpss.net) or stop by my office at any time!