• Final Exam Information 2022


    Final Exam Schedule


    Permission Slip

    The permission slip, if completed and returned, allows students to leave campus when their exam blocks for the day is done, even if that is prior to 2:20 pm. 


    Final Exam Locations - check here to see where you are scheduled to test.

    5/27 - Math I 

    5/31 - English II

    6/1 - Math III

    6/2 - Biology


    Important Notes

    • All students (including students in the Virtual Academy) are required to take End-of-Course (EOC) and CTE Post Assessments on campus. A list of those exams can be found below. 
    • Virtual Academy Students: For both VA and NCVPS courses, all state-required EOC & CTE final exams must be taken on campus. Teacher-made exams in VA and NCVPS courses will be taken online from home. The district will offer bus transportation to VA students testing on campus on the day of the exam, if desired by the student.
    • Students must bring their WCPSS issued device to use for all exams. 
    • Grading for Exams: EOC & CTE Post Assessments and teacher-made exams will count 20% of the final course grade and are REQUIRED of ALL students. A Zero will be recorded for an exam grade if the student does not take the exam within the 10 day window. The original EOC scale score, achievement level, and percentile will be reflected on the student transcript. 
    • Testing Outside of the Exam Window: Students cannot test outside of the testing window May 27 - June 10. Exceptions must be requested and approved in advance by the district. The district only approves exceptions in very rare cases. To submit a request to test outside the exam window, contact Amy Spruill, school testing coordinator: aspruill@wcpss.net. Requests must be submitted by Monday, April 4th, 2022, to be considered. No requests for exceptions will be accepted after April 4th, 2022
    • Medical Exemptions: Students with significant medical or health concerns should contact their counselor to complete a medical exemption waiver. Medical waivers are due by April 8, 2022. Students are required to take a state required EOC, CTE and teacher-made exam if a medical exemption is not submitted. 
    • Senior Exam Exemptions: Seniors who have a final grade of a “C” or better in a course that does not require a State Mandated Exam will be considered EXEMPT from the Final Exam from that course. Attendance will not count toward Senior Exam Exemptions for this school year.
    • Students are expected to take exams at the scheduled times. Students must be present at the beginning of the exam period and must remain for the duration of the exam to receive credit for the exam. To maintain the integrity of all exams, students will not be permitted to check-out early during any exam period. Any changes of dates or times to the teacher-made exams may be granted by the discretion of the teacher but must be within the testing window. 
    • Students can leave campus after their exam session has ended if they have turned in their permission slip and if they have a way home. Students who remain on campus after exams, must remain in the designated and supervised area until dismissal.
    • Students who are absent from EOC & CTE Post Assessments and teacher-made exams will be contacted by their teacher with a location and time. The student should make-up the exam on June 9th or 10th.
    • According to North Carolina Testing Policy, students are not allowed to bring electronic devices other than approved calculators and WCPSS supported devices into the testing room at any time during State Testing, including breaks. Any student with a cell phone/electronic device during the testing period may be dismissed from testing, and a misadministration may be declared for that student. A student who has been dismissed for a violation of the electronic device policy must take the missed exam on a make-up day. Per Wake County School Board Policy 3225, the student is subject to disciplinary action by school administration.
    • All buses will follow their normal schedule. On EOC exam days, the buses will depart from school at 11:30am.
    • Breakfast and lunch will be available for students who must be on campus to take exams. 


    • If you have EOC & CTE Post Assessment questions, please contact Enloe Test Coordinator Amy Spruill at aspruill@wcpss.net 
    • If you have VA questions, please contact Enloe Assistant Principal Jamie Jackson at jrjackson@wcpss.net 
    • For teacher-made testing questions, please contact your individual teacher directly