Instructional Design

  • Instructional Schedules

    Core Instruction comprises curriculum, instruction, and environment, each of which must work together to ensure student success.  All WCPSS students receive and have access to core instruction.

    Instruction is how the curriculum is taught and can vary in many ways; curriculum refers to what is taught (scope, sequencing, pacing, materials) and environment is where the learning takes place.   

    Students in the Virtual Academy will participate in approximately 6 hours of instruction a day which will include a combination of live, real-time instruction and/or completion of assignments.

    Of the 6 hours, students are expected to participate in a minimum of 3 hours of live instruction per day. Instructional time may increase beyond the baseline based on teacher discretion and/or grade level.

    The Virtual Academy schedule will include elements of a traditional school day. Much like in person instruction, live classes will include whole-group instruction, opportunities for small group work with peers and/or a teacher or specialist, and independent practice.

    The flow between direct instruction and completion of assignments will be familiar to students and ensure that virtual learning is not a continuous screen time experience. To support the academic, social and emotional wellness of our students, schedules will include age-appropriate breaks ("brain breaks," lunch, intentional social time, etc.) to encourage students to take purposeful movement breaks as well as teacher support hours. 

    Schools will establish bell schedules and communicate them to families.

    Course Offerings

    All K-8 core courses and all high school courses, including accelerated courses, required for graduation as well as selective elective courses will be offered. 

    Classes and course options in 2021-22 will include standards-aligned instructional content and social/emotional support across all K-12 grade levels.

    Supports from AIG, ESL, Intervention, and 504 Plans will be provided by the student’s assigned school. Supports for students with IEPs will be provided and determined by IEP goals.

    For magnet school students, magnet programming will be implemented to the degree possible in the online environment.

    To the degree possible, students will be assigned teachers from their current school. However, in some cases, students may be assigned to teachers from different schools within the district to form classes.

    Elementary School Course Offerings (ESP)

    Middle School Course Offerings (ESP)

    High School Course Offerings (ESP)

    Magnet School Course Offerings (ESP)

    Learning Management System

    Canvas will be the Learning Management System used by all Virtual Academy teachers for the 2021-22 school year. 

    Canvas and Google have partnered together to create upgrades and enhancements to the user experience.

    Virtual Academy families and students will receive training on how to use Canvas.

    Technology Devices and Support

    We are committed to supporting students and parents with all their technology needs to ensure they can make the most of learning in school and at home. Devices will be provided and support will be offered. Families who need assistance with internet access should contact the school social worker.