Program Structure

  • Grade Levels

    The Virtual Academy will serve grades K-12, with a virtual option for Pre-K.


    Virtual Academy students will follow their assigned school’s calendar. Students in the Virtual Academy at year-round schools will follow Track 4.

    Virtual Academy students enrolled in traditional calendar schools and modified calendar schools will follow the traditional calendar. 

    Students in year-round schools will follow Track 4. Should the district determine at the semester break that Virtual Academy students are able to return to in-person learning due to a wide availability of vaccinations for children, Track 4 placement for in-person classes should not be expected.

    Extra- and Co-Curriculars

    Virtual Academy students will be able to participate in extra- and co-curricular activities such as athletics, arts and clubs at their assigned school.

    Transportation will not be provided because we do not have enough bus drivers.


    Virtual Academy will not be offered in our Early Colleges, Leadership Academies, Alternative Schools, Crossroads Flex High School, and SCORE Academy.

    A virtual option within these schools and programs is not compatible with the intent of these schools or programs.

    The schools and programs are:

    • Mount Vernon Middle School
    • River Oaks Middle School
    • SCORE Academy
    • Connections Academy
    • Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy
    • Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy
    • North Wake College and Career Academy
    • Wake STEM Early College High School
    • Vernon Malone College and Career Academy
    • Wake Early College of Health and Sciences
    • Mary Phillips High School
    • Longview School
    • Crossroads FLEX High School
    • Bridges Program

    Families whose students attend these schools should contact the school if they have questions.