Green Hope AP Exams

  • Please review the 2021 Green Hope AP Exam Schedule.   Students may view their AP exam schedule in their student CollegeBoard account.  

Important AP Digital Exams Updates

  • AP Testing will start next month, and most students will take the digital exams from home (except for AP World Language and AP Music Theory Exams).  It is important that you monitor your email, the Green Hope website, and Dr. Hedrick's Messenger for important updates and deadlines pertaining to AP testing.  Your AP teachers will review this information with you, and we will hold Q&A sessions later this month to support you with this process.  
    Please review the information, below, and get started on the action steps to ensure that you are ready to test digitally.  
    What to do NOW:
    • Make sure you have the appropriate computer to test on and it meets the Collegeboard requirements.  
      • What is allowed?
        • Desk or laptop computer, Windows PC, Mac, School-managed Chromebook.
        • Technical Requirements for Digital AP Exams: Link Here
    • Make sure you know your Collegeboard Username and Password.
      • If you don’t know it, reset it, or contact Collegeboard (1-888-225-5427)
      • Best Practice – Select “Remember Me” on the computer you will use to take your AP exam; therefore, every time you log into your Collegeboard Account it is readily available.
    • Make sure your email address in Collegeboard is the email address you want to use. Collegeboard will be sending email updates to the email that is listed in your Collegeboard account. 
      • How to change your email address in CollegeBoard? Link Here
    Four Steps to Take Before You Can Test: 
    • Below, is a summary of the four steps that need to be completed before you can take a digital exam.  
      • Step 1 - Beginning April 8th: Download and Install the Digital Testing App: Link Here
        • Information for Students with School-Managed Chromebooks: Link Here 
      • Step 2 - April - June: Practice Sample Questions in the Digital Testing App
      • Step 3 - 3 Days Before Exam Day: Complete Exam Setup on the computer you plan to use to take your exam.  
        • NOTE: If you are taking more than one exam, you need to complete exam setup for each digital exam you plan to take.
      • Step 4 - 30 Minutes Before the Exam: Check in to the Exam
    • Additional details pertaining to each step: Link Here
    • General Questions:
      • Your AP Teacher 
      • Mr. McIntyre -
    • Technology Questions:
      • Ms. Yates - 
      • Ms. Dry -
    AP Digital Exams Student Resource:

In-Person AP Testing at Green Hope

  • Below, is information for students who are scheduled to take an AP exam(s) at Green Hope. 
    Arrival Time/Location: 
    • Please arrive to Green Hope 45 minutes before your scheduled exam time. 
      • Arrive at 7:15am for exams starting at 8:00am.
      • Arrive at 11:15am for exams starting at 12:00pm. 
    • Once you arrive on-campus, go to the main entrance, ring the buzzer, and wait outside until a Green Hope staff member responds.  
    • Please tell the Green Hope staff member that you are participating in AP testing.
    • Once you enter the building, report to the Commons Area and a Green Hope staff member will be waiting for you.
    • Please note that if you arrive to Green Hope before school starts (7:25am), then you will not need to ring the buzzer.  Just report directly to the Commons Area.
    What to Bring:
    • Two sharpened pencils (with erasers)
    • Two pens, with black or dark blue ink only
    • Up to two calculators with the necessary capabilities (for AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 2, and AP Statistics only)
    • A ruler or straightedge (for AP Physics 2 only)
    • A government-issued or school-issued photo ID 
    Safety Protocol:
    • We will adhere to all WCPSS safety and social distancing protocols.
    • Students must wear masks at all times, including during speaking parts of exams.
    • Students may bring hand sanitizer, but it must be placed under the desk.


    As a reminder, please review your AP exam schedule, which includes your exam dates and times, in your student CollegeBoard account.