• This month's theme is ANIMAL DAY!

    Everybody has a favorite animal!  What is yours??  Your website manager loves bears!  All bears: polar bears, panda bears, black bears . . . all except koala bears - did you know they can be kinda mean?  This is your opportunity to dress up like your favorite animal or wear clothes with your favorite animal on them!  Real, extinct, or imagined are all fair game!


    For example, you could wear black and white stripes to be a zebra, or you could wear all black with cat ears to be a cat!  Maybe you want to be a colorful parrot, so wear a red shirt and blue/green pants!  Get creative!

    Or, wear a shirt with a unicorn or tiger on it!  I, of course, have a shirt with pandas on it.  Maybe you will see it on Fun Friday!

bear, fun friday, april 30th is animal day