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  • Additional information for IB Exam candidates:

    In normal years when an IB Candidate sits for an IB Exam, they would become exempt from the teacher made exams in that subject and their IA grade would be entered as the final exam grades.

    In this year, since IB Candidates will NOT be sitting for IB Exams, this automatic exam exemption will not come into effect and all IB Exam candidates will revert to the standard GMHS Final Exam policy which states:

    All courses will include a comprehensive, written final examination that will count for 20% of the final grade and will be given during the school-wide scheduled final exam window. Seniors will be exempt from non-State exams under the following parameters:

    • 6 or fewer excused absences with an A average
    • 4 or fewer excused absences with a B average
    • 2 or fewer excused absences with a C average

    Since a student's grade on their final exam grade will now be entered into the gradebook as the final exam grade, IA grades (which would normally be entered as the final exam grade) will need to be incorporated into students' semester 2 grades. Over the next two days, IB teachers will be adding an additional category to their Semester 2 gradebook calculations that will be used record students' Internal Assessment grades. This new category will be count toward 20% of the student's Semester 2 grade. Once the teachers have updated their gradebook with the new category, students may see a slight change in their S2 grades as other categories will have to be adjusted to accommodate the new IA category.   All courses will be updated by the end of the day on Friday, March 12, and students who are concerned about a significant change in their S2 grade should contact their teacher for more information.