• Upon returning to in-person learning, our schools will have limited technology available to students on campus as most devices have been checked out to students for remote learning. While at home, students will continue to work remotely using their personal devices or the devices provided by WCPSS. 


    While in-person:

    Students with a WCPSS device should plan to bring their device (and charger) to and from school. 

    Students who are using a personal device can choose to bring their device to school or not. If the student brings their device, the school will need to follow BYOD guidelines (listed below). If the student does not bring their device, they cannot share a device with another student. Students and families can expect teachers to develop lessons that allow students to be successful regardless of technology access at school.


    Students with Personal Devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    • Parents can choose to allow or not allow their student to bring their personal device. All students who bring a personal device to school are required to have a signed copy of the BYOD Consent Form (Spanish) on record.
    • The BYOD Consent Form details the district's related policies.
    • Review Board Policy 3225: Technology Responsible Use. Read the section titled “Use of Personal Technology on School Board Property.”


    General guidelines:

    • Bring the device charged to school each day.
    • Make sure your personal device is clearly labeled with your name. 
    • If you are using a WCPSS-owned device, your teacher will give directions on how to mark the device so it does not get confused with a classmate’s device.  Do not write on device or use duct tape or other sticky tapes that would cause damage. 
    • Students with personal devices need to be able to independently use their device as the teacher cannot touch the device. 
    • Before going home, power off the device and put it in your backpack.
    • Never throw your backpack, especially when your device is inside!
    • Keep sharp objects away from your device
    • Don’t share your device with anyone.
    • Don’t touch someone else’s device.
    • Check to make sure nothing is sitting on your keyboard before closing the lid of your device.
    • If your device is not working properly, let your parent/guardian/teacher know. Do not throw it in the trash.
    • If you bring a personal device, you will have to connect it to the guest network (directions will be provided). Use the device for instructional purposes only.
    • Students should close the device or share the screen if asked by the teacher. 


    Connecting to the WCPSS network

    • If a student has a WCPSS device, the device will automatically join the WCPSS wireless network. 
    • If a student has a personal (BYOD) device, the device will join a guest network. Directions for connecting to wcpssguest are HERE.


    Technology Support

    • Go to the Guides for Technology site. Look for the Contact the Help Desk box.
    • Click on the link for the online support form or call the Help Desk at 919-694-8100.