2021 Spring Schedule Change Information

  • Student Schedules:  In an effort to prepare for the new semester there will be limited class schedule changes.  We have set strict guidelines for Request for Schedule Change and you must meet the acceptable criteria to be granted a schedule change 

    Acceptable requests during this time:

    1. Scheduled for less than four courses in the 2nd semester, ex: missing a class, two courses in the same period
    2. Missing a pre-requisite course
    3. Failure of a course
    4. Scheduled in a course previously taken and passed

    Not acceptable requests for course changes during this time:

    1. Teacher changes
    2. Elective course changes
    3. Class period changes 
    If you meet the above criteria for an acceptable Request for Schedule change you can complete the Spring 2021 request schedule change form, which will be available on the Athens Drive website beginning January 4, 2021.  The completed form must be emailed to your Alpha Counselor by Friday, January 8, 2021, at 2:30 PM to be considered.  
    Mrs. Telfair
    A-Di Counselor
    Ms.  Boothe
    Do-La Counselor
    Mr.  Wright
    Le-Ri Counselor
    Mrs. Hegarty
    Ro-Z Counselor