• October's theme is - DISNEY DAY!

    October 30 is the last Friday of the month, and this month is all things Disney!  You can also pick your favorite character from other things and dress up like them too.  Now, don't worry!  This isn't about costumes!  Its about being creative with what you own and finding a way to see DISNEY in it!  This is called "Disneybounding" by some people, and is one of my favorite things to do!

  • Some ideas for you to make your own Disney Day gear are at the following websites!  You can make a Disney themed costume.  Remember, Star Wars and Marvel count as Disney, and if you just want to wear something else so COOL that has your FAVORITE NON-DISNEY CHARACTER you can do that too!


    No sew masks, tiara, and headbands. - Click here

    Lots more DIY Disney Halloween costumes including Jasmine, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Woody and more!  - Click here 

    You can also go to the Disney Family website and use the search option to search for your favorite character!  


    One of my favorite Disney characters is Olaf!  He is very easy to recreate!  Get a white t-shirt and some black felt, paper, or fabric paint and make some buttons!

    Or you could be Mickey or Minnie, wearing red shorts and a black shirt for Mickey and polka dots for Minnie!