2020-2020 Master Schedule

  • The master schedule below is for all students, Virtual Academy and Plan B*.  On the current master schedule, there are sychronous (live) and asychronous (not live) times built in, as well as times for breaks. Students will participate in live instruction on Google Meet and they will find their non-live assignments in Google Classroom.  Students will participate in one special class every day starting with 20 minutes live instruction followed by 20 minutes of independent practice. Specials' Meet links and assignments can be found in Google Classroom, organized by day and time. 

    Younger students will need assistance at the start of the year to get used to learning online but as the year goes on, they will develop more independence. Students of all ages should be monitored and encouraged to remain on task and to follow online safety procedures. 

    *Should in-person schooling begin for Plan B students, there will be minor changes in instructional times that will be conveyed to you.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.