• Turner Creek Elementary 

    What to Expect for Plan B Students and Families

    DRAFT as of October 16, 2020


    Important note: We ask for your grace and patience as we reopen schools for in-person learning.  Even the best thought out procedures might not work.  Please be flexible as we find out what works together.  All information included in this document is subject to change.  


    TCES Virtual Family Meetings: WCPSS Reopening Plan

    In order to make sure our community has a clear understanding of the reopening plan, we will host three informational sessions.  Please register below.  

    Wednesday, October 21:

    8 AM: register here

    12 NOON: register here

    6 PM Meeting in Spanish: register here

    7 PM: register here

    Registration deadline is Monday October 19 at 3 PM.



    The daily schedule will be sent out next week.  We built the schedule for Plan B students off of the VA student schedule.  VA students will see little change in their daily schedule.  Please remember that our school day hours were adjusted this year.  School hours are 9:15am to 4:00pm.  


    Late Drop Off

    If you are bringing your child(ren) to school late, we ask that you walk your child(ren) to the front door and ring the bell.  A staff member will come to  the door and complete the health screening process and have your sign your child(ren) in.  The child(ren) will then walk to class with the staff member.  


    Early Pick Up

    If you need to pick up your child early, you must pick them up before 3:15 pm.  Please park in the reserved parking spaces and come to the front door and ring the bell.  A staff member will greet you and check your ID.  You will sign out your child(ren) then your child(ren) will be called and brought out to you.  


    Before and After Care

    The Taylor Family YMCA will begin serving our community with a before and after school program on November 16.  More information to come.  

    Plan B vs Virtual Academy
    Please see below for details about what to expect in each schedule. 


    plan b versus virtual



    During the initial cohort rotations, students will return to their assigned classroom teacher for Specials instruction. Specials will be delivered to both Plan B students and children in VA simultaneously, per the Specials schedule. Specials delivery will be through Specialist Google Classrooms via students’ personal devices and headphones. Students have been provided a personal supply list. Additional supplies may be dropped off to classroom teachers in the morning, per lesson requirements. 



    Media will continue to deliver lessons through virtual meets in the Media Google Classroom or the student’s regular Google Classroom.  Students will be able to continue checking out library books by placing holds on books using our library catalog, Destiny Discover. Books will be delivered to the student’s classroom when they are in the building. Otherwise, they will be placed on the Books-To-Go carts outside the Media Center for curbside pick-up.


    Counseling Services

    Ms. Bowers will continue to deliver biweekly lessons through the Counseling Classroom Google classrooms, and Ms. Lynn will continue to provide daily Second Step SEL lessons via morning meetings. Ms. Bowers will provide 1:1 and small group counseling sessions during recess, and Ms. Lynn will provide lunch bunches to VA students.  



    ESL will continue to deliver services through virtual meets in the ESL Google Classroom. Ms. Prohaska and Ms. Paro will communicate any schedule changes through email and Talking Points. 



    AIG will continue to deliver services through virtual meets.  There will be one meeting a week with independent work that will be due before the next week’s meeting.  There are changes in the schedule to accommodate the asynchronous Wednesdays, also please note the time change.  Please refer to the schedule below:


    Live Meets 




































    Students that are participating in Virtual Academy will continue to log into the google meet during their scheduled time.  Students that are participating in Plan B will log into the google meet from their classroom to participate during their scheduled time.  


    AIG Nominations for 4th and 5th Grade Students

    2020 AIG Fall nominations for Grades 4 and 5 only will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on 10/23/2020.  Nominations received after that date will be considered for evaluation in Spring of 2021.  Students may be nominated by a parent or a teacher in writing via email to Ms. Laster mlaster@wcpss.net  Please include the student’s name and teacher and indicate whether you are nominating your student for evaluation in Math, ELA, or both.


    3rd Grade Explorers

    The third grade explorer’s program will begin in the second quarter.  We offer this opportunity to all third grade students to participate in challenging activities using critical thinking.  Data collected during this program will be used to help identify 3rd grade students for AIG.  If you would like to learn more about the program please join me for one of the informational sessions.


    Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. or Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.


    Explorer’s Meeting



    All SSA students that recently passed the SSA assessment will begin in their new class on Monday, October 19.  Please contact Missy Laster mlaster@wcpss.net with any questions.  


    Asynchronous/Remote Learning Days

    The School Board also approved the inclusion of an additional Remote Learning/Asynchronous day for each week where there is not already an interruption to the week.  This applies to both Plan B and Virtual Academy students.  Our first RL/Asynchronous day will be Wednesday, October 21.   

    Additional Remote Learning/Track out Days added to the calendar:

    October 28, November 3, November 18, November 23, November 24, December 2, December 16

    Other important dates:

    November 11 is a holiday

    November 25 - November 27 are track out/holidays

    Plan B Rotation Schedule

    Beginning Oct. 26:
    PreK, K, 1, 2, and 3 will rotate in-person for 3 weeks based on cohort assignments
    Beginning Nov. 16:
    PreK, K, 1, 2, and 3 (ALL STUDENT COME IN-PERSON)
    Grades 4 and 5 will rotate in-person until the end of the semester (December 22).


    Virtual Academy Enrollment
    PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 students enrolled for the semester continue until Dec 22. PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 students enrolled for the year continue until June 29.

    • Currently registered VA students have the opportunity to return to in-person instruction second semester; 
    • VA students registered for fall only have the opportunity to continue in VA for the second semester; and
    • Students not registered in VA have the opportunity to register for the second semester.
    • Students are able to transfer in or out of the WCPSS Virtual Academy during the remainder of the first semester only when there are extenuating circumstances. Limiting transfers for the remainder of the first semester is necessary to protect existing school schedules.  Due to class size limits, which apply even during remote instruction, large-scale changes made outside the registration window forces schools to redraw class rosters and schedules for everyone. 
    • Moving from VA to Plan B or Plan B to VA will result in a teacher change.
    • VA semester & VA Year could have a teacher change also.


    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Because schools will have limited technology available to students on campus when students return, the following new guidance will apply when we return to in-person learning: 

    • Students with WCPSS devices should bring their device to and from school.
    • Students who are using a personal device can choose to bring their device to school. 
    • Schools must follow BYOD/Health and Safety guidelines which state that students cannot share a device with another student.
    • Teachers will develop lessons that allow students to be successful regardless of technology access at school.

    Parents can choose to allow or not allow their student to bring their personal device. All students who bring a personal device to school are required to have a signed copy of the BYOD Consent Form (Spanish) on record. 



    A Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols form will be sent home with students on their first day back to school.  Please sign and return this form to school on your child’s second day of in-person learning.  


    Face Coverings

    All students and staff will need to be wearing a cloth face covering while in the building and on WCPSS transportation. A face covering must be secured safely over the nose, mouth, and under the chin.  Face coverings will be provided for students who do not have access to one.  If given a reusable face covering, it is the responsibility of the family to wash it and reuse it.  

    Plan to send your child to school with two extra face coverings.  It would be a good idea to have two ziplock bags labeled “dirty” and “clean.”  Students can place their extra face coverings in the “clean” bag.  Students will place face coverings that might get dirty during the day in a “dirty” bag.  Talk to your children about what they will do with their face mask when they take it off during face covering breaks.  Will they place the face covering in their pocket?  Is there a way to hang it around their neck?  You might consider writing your child’s name on their face coverings as many face coverings will look similar.  


    Social Distancing
    We are taking action to ensure all spaces in the building support health and safety.  This includes: signage and floor marking to remind students of social-distancing practices, strategic furniture placement in classrooms and changing the typical traffic flow inside school buildings to facilitate social distancing during transition times.  



    Teachers will be teaching handwashing in the classroom and incorporating handwashing breaks into the school day.  Hand-sanitizing stations will be at every school entrance and exit, in the cafeteria, in every class, and on every bus and transportation vehicle.  


    Health Screenings

    All students and staff will need to complete a daily health screening.  Students will need to take their temperature at home, daily.  Students who ride the bus will need to complete the bus rider form, found here, and give it to the driver on the first day that they ride the bus. All students will be health screened again at school before entering the building. 



    Students will not be able to drink directly from water fountains this school year.  All students are encouraged to bring their own bottled water or reusable water bottles.  Please clearly label water bottles with your child’s name.  Teachers and parents will help students remember to bring water bottles home daily for cleaning.  


    Students experiencing Symptoms during the school day

    Students who begin experiencing symptoms during the school day will be taken to our school’s care center.  Parents will be contacted immediately and asked to come pick up their child.  Students will be cared for by staff until someone arrives.  


    Response to Confirmed COVID Cases

    Confirmed COVID cases in our building will be reported to the North Carolina Health Department.  We will follow their guidance on how to disinfect, close areas, and contact trace.  



    Disinfecting supplies will be provided to each classroom to support the cleaning of desks and other high touch surfaces between classes, after lunch, and the cleaning of shared program materials/equipment as needed.  

    Custodial staff has been trained to disinfect all desks, touch points, and surfaces with Virex Plus after school each day.  During the school day, custodial services will clean and disinfect all bathrooms a minimum of 4 times daily.  They will be continuously cleaning and disinfecting touch points throughout the school day.  




    Immediately upon arrival, students who would like to purchase breakfast will go to the gym to pick up their “to-go” style food and take it to the classroom to eat in their space. Students and teachers will clean desks after students eat.  


    Lunch will also be served in the classrooms.  Students will order meals from the classroom.  Staff will deliver meals to classrooms.  Mr. Stanley will spot sweep & mop during lunch as needed to clean up spills.  Students and teachers will clean desks after students are done eating.  


    Staff will conduct carpool health screenings once students exit vehicles and before the vehicle drives off.  Staff will ask screening questions as students are exiting the vehicle.  Either the adult or the student may respond to the health screening questions.  Once students are out of the vehicle, staff will take their temperature.  If a second temperature check is required, the adult will pull forward to a designated “waiting” parking space.  Parents must wait until a child has passed the health screening process before driving away.  


    Temperature checks and health screenings will be conducted at the crosswalk.



    Staff will conduct health screenings and temperature checks as students exit the bus and before they enter the building.  Students will not enter the building until they have passed the screening.  If a student does not pass the health screening, parents will be contacted immediately to come pick up the child.  



    Dismissal procedures will be staggered this year to allow for social distancing in the hallways and outside.  Please be patient as we work through these new procedures 


    Carpool Procedures

    All families who will utilize carpool must have a carpool tag.  Tags will be passed out during supply pick up.  If you did not receive a tag, please contact the school to pick one up prior to the first day of in person learning.  


    • Students will remain in classrooms for dismissal.
    • When a carpool number is posted, students will walk to the carpool loop.
    • As students leave rooms they will:
    • Utilize hand sanitizer
    • Be reminded to wear the mask until off campus.
    • Be reminded to maintain social distance in the hallway. 
    • When waiting at the carpool circle students must stand near the assigned color coded cone posted on the dismissal slides
    • Lines will move forward as students enter their cars. 



    Walker Procedures

    All families who will utilize the walker procedure must have a walker (carpool) tag.  Tags will be passed out during supply pick up.  If you did not receive a tag, please contact the school to pick one up prior to the first day of in person learning.  Please contact the school if you need a replacement as well.

    Walker Permission Form (Linked)

    The parent of any student who will be walking home without an adult this school year will need to fill out the form linked above.  This will help us keep students safe during arrival and dismissal.  


    • Dismissed at 3:55 pm
    • As students leave rooms they will: 
    • Utilize hand sanitizer
    • Be reminded to wear the mask until off campus.
    • Be reminded to maintain social distance in the hallway. 
    • All visitors (parents or family picking up students who walk) must be wearing masks until they leave school campus.



    Bus Procedures


    • Students will remain in classrooms for dismissal.
    • Bus Numbers will be called over the intercom and posted in the classroom.
    • As students leave rooms they will:
    • Utilize hand sanitizer
    • Be reminded to wear the mask in the hall and on the bus
    • Be reminded of social distance in the hallway.  
    • Students must walk directly to their bus and board
    • Late bus students will remain in classrooms until the bus arrives.  
    • All bus riders will have a bus tag that will be provided on their first day of in person learning.  (red for K/1st Grade & yellow for 2nd-5th)




    The number of students at recess at one time will be limited in order to practice social distancing.  Students are not able to use recess equipment at this time.  Students will be asked to keep masks on during recess.  There are specific requirements for face-covering breaks.  We will work with each class to schedule time for this.  This will likely happen during recess.  



    This year, we are not able to welcome visitors into our building.  


    Virtual Volunteers

    WCPSS is not opening up Volunteer registration this school year.  Anyone who was an approved volunteer last year will continue to be able to volunteer virtually this year.  Volunteers are not permitted to be alone in Google Meets with students.  A staff member must always be present.