• Brassfield’s Daily Schedule

    Brassfield will be following a daily schedule which in many ways mirrors a typical school day. Brassfield’s schedule is linked below. Here are some highlights: 

    • All Brassfield students will start each day with a community-building class meeting. 

    • All students will engage in approximately 2 hours of synchronous (live) instruction per day. This is a mix of whole class and small group instruction. It is interactive, engaging, collaborative, and it is spaced out throughout the day. 

    • Students will have about an additional 3 hours of asynchronous (non-live) lessons/activities per day. This will always be practice of a skill already taught, or a “flipped lesson” where students watch a video or read about a new topic, then meet with their teacher later to practice with the associated skills/content. 

    • There is a common 90 minute “mid-day pause” across all grade levels. This allows families to eat lunch, rest, and play together. 

    • Students will attend Specials on a similar rotation as they do when physically attending school in the building. 

    • Brassfields teachers will hold common & consistent Office Hours. 

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