Comic Book Club

  • When: 
    Sept 13th
    Oct. 11th
    Nov. 1st
    Dec. 13th
    Jan. 31st
    Feb. 28th
    April 4th
    Where: Art Room 2202
    Overview: Comic Book Club is a place for those that want to learn more about the Comic Book Industry! ​Here are some of the things we do: Comic Books: Discuss and share your favorite stories and heroes/villains. ​Bring in your: Comic Books, Manga, Anime or Graphic Novels Drawing: Learn how to create: simple characters, logos, settings, and layouts (this is the ART portion) Story Writing: What makes a good comic storyline (or a GREAT ONE!)? Share ideas to come up with your own stories. Comics and Film / TV: View and discuss your FAVORITE Movie or TV adaptation of Comic Books.
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    (updated 9/6/2022)