Arts Integrated Learning

  • Arts integration is a unique component of our magnet program. Students are given multiple opportunities in core classes and through school-wide arts-integrated projects to explore academic topics using standards-based arts creative processes.


    Arts integration allows students to either demonstrate their knowledge of a topic through a creative process. Or allows students to learn new information through a creative process. EM3 is the only school in WCPSS with a dedicated arts integration instructional space and a full-time arts integration specialist. Our arts integration specialist collaborates with teachers from all content areas and departments to integrate the arts into the core curriculum and provide schoolwide arts-integrated lessons.  Such lessons might include using the Art of Suminagashi in Social Studies to create a map representing the different populations of an area.  Another lesson might include creating a Claymation/Stop Motion Video to convey a topic message students are studying.  

    Students collaborate on multiple schoolwide lessons to bring positive messages to our school community. 

    Through the Arts, we will build community and strengthen our knowledge of the core subjects.   To see samples of arts-integrated experiences at the Academy, please glance at the presentation below.


  • Arts Integration Slide Deck