• Kudos:

    To our AFMS Parents and Teachers. Please reach up and over and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well-done! We are ALL on the journey of teaching and learning through remote learning. We have completed week one.


    Upcoming Events/Announcements:

    May is Teacher Appreciation Month, and we’d like students and parents to send warm messages to our teachers to ensure the teachers know just how much they have helped our students learn, grow, and succeed! Thus, we are asking that students and parents create a FlipGrid video message no more than 1 minute long that we will share with teachers via Twitter. You can create as many video messages to as many teachers as you want! Please submit your messages by May 1st.

    To complete your video(s):

    1. Go to https://flipgrid.com/hill6298

    AFMS Teacher Appreciation Month

    Check out this Flipgrid!


    1. Tap the green plus to open the Flipgrid Camera. Log in with Google if you are asked.
    2. Record a short video
      👋 Say hello to the teacher you want to talk to!
      🤩 Share why you appreciate/value this teacher.
    3. Submit your video! You’re done!
    4. Repeat steps to send more messages to more teachers if you want!

    Some Reminders:

    • We are following this schedule during remote learning.
    • Teachers are available for office hours to support students through emails, google docs, or google virtual hangouts/meet.
    • You are welcome to review the Managing our New Normal powerpoint that was sent out April 5.


    Assignment Updates in PowerSchool

    Some parents have reached out to us with concerns that they cannot keep up with the Google Classroom assignments that are due or past due for their children. This problem has arisen because the tool they normally use to keep up with assignment completion, PowerSchool, is not being used by teachers because we have asked them not to enter quarter 4 grades. This is because we still do not know what the state and district will decide about quarter 4. In fact, the district has disabled the viewing of quarter 4 in PowerSchool, so even if teachers were currently entering assignments there, they would not be visible by parents or anyone else. We are not sure if the district will re-enable the viewing of quarter 4 in PowerSchool, but in case they do, we have asked teachers to begin to populate PowerSchool with remote learning assignments.

    What This Means For You:

    1. If quarter 4 viewing is re-enabled, you should be able to see in PowerSchool any assignment assigned in Google Classroom.
    2. Teachers are still not grading any assignments. They will only mark an assignment as “collected” so that parents can see if students are submitting the work they have been assigned via Google Classroom.
    3. Please give teachers about 1 week from an assignment’s due date to update PowerSchool with the “collected” designation.
    4. Any assignment not marked as collected at that time is an assignment that a student has not submitted.

    Teachers will not be marking assignments as “late” or “missing.” They are only marking assignments as “collected” to support parents in helping students keep up with remote instruction.


    Go Chargers!