Mrs. Catherine McCann



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Catherine McCann

    Mrs. McCann was born and raised in Louisville, KY but she always knew seeing the world was important. Crammed in between her parents in the front seat, and four siblings in the back, her family shared many summers riding to other parts of Kentucky and south to Mississippi to see relatives. Brave enough to venture west, her parents introduced her the glorious world of National Parks.

    With her husband, she moved to Guam. She spent four years enjoying the Pacific Rim nations. They would take off for month long travelling times with just small back pack. In this way, she was able to go off the beaten track, and travel among the people of the land. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Bali and Saipan deepened her appreciation of people, and the way they live on their land. Through the years, she has spent time in France, England, Italy, as well as our beautiful northern neighbor, Canada.

    Although there are 17  important United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Mrs. McCann gravitates to 15:  Live on Land. The natural habitats have always been important to her, and biodiversity is essential for the protection and prevention of threatened species. In addition, ending  poaching and trafficking of flora and fauna around the world by shifting the mindset are equally important. She keeps a life size Asian baby elephant in her room as a reminder of the importance of all our animals worldwide.

    Now that her two boys are adults, the family camping trips all over the country are finished. She spends more time nearer to the homebase and in the NC mountains.

      She is certified in Elementary Education K-6, she has a Masters in Education and she is Nationally Board Certified. She loves the Wiley community, and strives to make every child feel welcome and to love learning!

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