Calendar Application School Changes

  • Draft 1 of the Student Enrollment Proposal includes a proposal that would change the calendar application school for some schools. 

    If approved, students affected by this change would have four options:

    • Apply to remain at current school. You would not be eligible for district transportation.
    • Apply to attend the new calendar application school (if applicable). If approved, you would be eligible for district transportation.
    • Apply to any other school during request for transfer period.
    • Attend your base school. No action would be required. District transportation would be provided. 

    The Office of Student Assignment will be contacting affected students to discuss these choices. If your family has a rising Kindergarten or 6th grade sibling, please discuss this with the Office of Student Assignment representative. 

    Students who live in the base attendance area of the following elementary schools are proposed to have changes to their calendar application schools:

    • Brassfield 
    • Buckhorn Creek
    • Lynn Road
    • Brentwood
    • Brooks
    • Bugg
    • Combs
    • Conn
    • Fox Road
    • Fuller
    • Joyner
    • Lacy
    • Millbrook
    • Olds
    • Poe
    • Powell
    • Root
    • Wakefield

    Go to our address look-up tool to see your proposed application schools.